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    7ft or 8ft Rod for half days?

    Don't over think it for a half day. Use what you have available or can afford.
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    Offshore “Over the Rail and into the Pail” as Dave Marciano would say!

    Nice shout out to angler's arsenal in the last picture. Thanks for the report on what worked for you. Way to put the bloody decks in bloodydecks with the two beginning pictures.
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    Spinners the new norm for tuna?

    Buddy got back on Monday for a trophy bluefin or bust 1.5 trip on Monday. Said that the captain was getting upset and yelling at a group of guys using spinners on +100lber fish. Taking up everyone's time getting the fish in. Maybe they were really under gunned or no technic. Regardless I won't...
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    Preventing theft on party boat

    Wow that guy sounds like an idiot. Not making any excuses for him but was he drinking all day? Regardless I would have mentioned the conversation about "using any gear on the boat" to other angler's and the crew on the trip. Pretty sure they would all be keeping an eye on him and had some choice...
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    Where can I buy this jig?

    Holy heck that is ridiculous.
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    Red wing boots on the party boats

    Fish ninja appeal
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    Red wing boots on the party boats

    Shoot I usually wear my old pair of adidas. Yeah sometimes I end up with wet socks. Just started working at a fish market distributor. Noticed that part of the uniform is some tuff boots. Might buy a pair since it's going to be a work expense.
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    Thanks Rick..... Fucker!

    Was just about to say this. Sounds like a good time out.
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    Tranx 500 over kill for a 3/4 day?

    The cattle boats up north must have some really rough crowds. I always make friendly with the deckhands (cigarettes, energy drinks, etc) and show them my gear. Just so they can possibly keep an eye out.
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    Offshore Fishing with the boat San Diego 5/18

    At least you got out on the water bud.
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    Only One YT Setup for under $600

    Never said anything about buying brand new super seeker or black steel 270h-8. Bought my regular old e glass 270h-8 used. This one just sold a while back for $125. Lots of other options for yellowtail rods. Hope you find something that works for you.
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    Only One YT Setup for under $600

    Damn 600$ on a setup is breaking the bank for most people. I started on a seeker 270h-8 and sealine 40. Rod 80$ + reel $65= $145. Put the rest towards more trips.
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    Dead BSB found by diver

    If it was a poached fish the fuckers didn't even take the cheeks.
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    CA Sheephead mounts

    I like sheepheads, what a goofy looking fish. Aways feel bad keeping the bigger models but don't think most would survive being released. They always seem to blowout from the rear. Even in 60-80feet of water. The smaller ones have firmer meat in my experience. Turn out great under the broiler...
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    Distance with super light load???

    Good luck. The 100lb+ bluefin are even within full day range.