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    What size mooring for Avalon?

    When you get to Avalon they will decide. You call, they ask what size boat and then they decide where they want your boat. If you look at he mooring map for Avalon you can ask if certain moorings are available. I like to be outside so I can fish at night. My boat is 28' and with bracket and...
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    Let the 10-Day Countdown Begin!

    Fished 4 days last week out of Cabo. Marlin fishing is really good with a lot of fish around. We released 10 out of 14 last Wednesday. Caught 2 wahoo to 35 lbs on Thursday inshore or game fish. Day 3 targeting wahoo we struck out, looking for a money fish. Day 4 looking for Dorado and...
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    single or twins for farallon 2600 walk around

    Personally I don't think a single will get the job done, maybe a single 350. Twin 150's is my call. Also twice the headache and maintenance cost but worth it IMO.
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    Bottom Paint chipping off after 1 month

    Bad prep work
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    Dedicated Fisherman

    Love her! Sure is a great learning experience.
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    Inshore Inflatable shark fishing

    You do this often enough I guarantee you will find out if your safety plan works. Nice T shark.
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    Preventing theft on party boat

    Should have let the Captain know bet he would have been 86'd from the boat.
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    Lure ID Help

    Braid Speedster I believe as Marauder was already taken. So yes a knock off IMO of course but regardless Wahoo love them in any size.
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    Anyone can build an engine bracket.....

    Did they really think they would be able to lift it and put it back on? Time would be better spent stopping the boat from taking on water.
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    Islands Catalina - 5/30/21

    What a day! Great report with a lot of great information. Congrats to you and all the graduates.
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    Fishing the 302/371 and avoiding 12mile radius of Coronado Island

    Why worry about where you are? Get a license and all documents. Really isn't rocket science.
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    Running heavy mono on a 50wide

    Do it all the time. I run 500lb as my top shot for shark fishing.
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    Going to the show?

    No but sure wish I was.
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    Easy DIY - How to make a cheap (INSULATED) live bait cooler

    Yep works for pier fishing as well
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    Which innovation/invention has changed fishing the most?

    Side scan sonar and using the rail!