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    Inshore Fish ID: What Have I Got Here?

    While is sorta looks like a gurnard, I don't think it is. I think it's one of the actual sculpin species (not the CA scorpionfish that we all call sculpin) that we find in so cal. While it might just be the angle of the pic, it looks like the snout isn't long enough and it's missing the "legs"...
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    Islands Santa Rosa SPJ Report - 11/28/21

    Actually, both Vermillion and Sunset are lumped together in terms of regulations, so the limit is technically a 5 fish of a combo of both species. Frequently Asked Questions About the Vermilion Rockfish Sub-Bag Limit And if you want to get really nerdy, here's a link to the research paper...
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    Re-shaping rod grips without rebuilding?

    Thanks for all the tips and help, I really appreciate it. I'll look into removing the x-rap and the foam underneath. Here are some pics of the rod as well as a pic of a stock handle (much more tapered and thinner overall). It still fishes perfectly, it's just less comfortable for me than it...
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    Re-shaping rod grips without rebuilding?

    Hi, I have a question for the rob-building brain trust here: I had a reel seat put on a Teramar jigstick (TMC - J90HB) by a local shop and they did a pretty terrible job with the grips. They are super wide/thick and way heavier than the original deckhand Xrap grip. Unfortunately, I missed my...
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    Salas, Candy Bar and Tady Yoyo and surface jigs

    noahfex submitted a new listing: Yoyo and surface iron jigs - Yoyo and surface iron jigs Learn more about this listing...
  6. Salas, Tady and Candy Bar - Yoyo and surface jigs

    Southern California Salas, Tady and Candy Bar - Yoyo and surface jigs

    $40 for all 6. All rings and hooks in good condition. Surface iron: 1. Salas 5x 2. Candy bar (similar size/shape as a Tady 45) 3. Tady C Heavy iron: 4. Salas 6x jr. 5. Salas 7x jr. 6. Candy bar (similar size but slightly heavier than a Salas 6x)
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    LB Seeker 6485, Teramar 80MH $55, Lexa/Komodo 400 Tiburon clamp $40

    Seeker BSC 6485 - 8.5ft 15-40lb - Long Beach factory wrap, Tuna cord handle, shrink wrap reel seat padding. Good condition, clean guides, some scratches on the clear coat. Great local jig and bait rod. SOLD Shimano Teramar - TMC-X80MH - Definitely used, but still works great. Heavier swimbait...
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    Avet LX6/3

    PMed about the Seeker inshore.
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    what kind of fish this is?

    Definitely looks like an Island Jack/Trevally to me. Cool fish!!
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    Daiwa Saltist BG 40H, Shimano Tallus 70HBBL

    Daiwa Saltist BG 40H in good condition with some boat rash on the sideplate. Internals are in great condition, well maintained, with upgraded carbontex drag washers, 2/3 full of 80lb, white, izor spectra with fresh 40lb big game (1 week old). Awesome local yo-yo, jig or bait reel with great...