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    BNIB Talica 16II or trade

    I have a brand new Talica 20ii that went on one boat ride and sat in the rack. Reel was brought home and cleaned, line removed and put back in my reel bag. Unfortunately I don't have the box. Would be interested in your Talica 16ii with a small amount of cash included. Located in San Diego.
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    Looking for Rod to pair with Lexa 400

    I have a custom Calstar 900m with reel seat available. Located in San Diego. Text 619-794-3683 if interested.
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    Used once Talica 12ii $400

    That was a steal!!!
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    Shimano Talica 12ii

    Most versatile reel I’ve ever owned. Love mine!!! GLWS...
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    Custom Seeker, UC's, Calstars

    Custom wrapped Calstar 900m if interested. Text 619-794-3683
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    Thank You BD- titan05

    :appl::appl::appl::cheers: Get well soon!!!
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    Rod Blowout-Calstar...!!! EVERYTHING IS SOLD!!!

    Rod #5 is sold!!! Thanks everybody!!! Nothing left...
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    Still available...text 619-794-3683

    Still available...text 619-794-3683
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    Super Seeker 2x4 medical emergency forces me to sell asap

    That is a beauty... wish I needed another one. GLWS but more importantly, your wife's health.
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    Rod Blowout-Calstar...!!! EVERYTHING IS SOLD!!!

    Rod #4 Calstar GF765M is sold!!! Thanks Gabe...nice meeting you! Enjoy your new toy.