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    For Sale Shimano Clarus 8'6" ML Spinning Rod and Quantum Catalyst CI30PTS Saltwater Coffee Grinder

    Hello BD'ers, I am selling a setup I originally bought for the surf and have used a few times there, but not enough to keep it. The Clarus is the IM7 version of the rod, and I believe is one that had a lifetime warranty before that dried up with Shimano. It is actually a salmon and steelhead...
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    For Sale Quantum Cabo CNW 30 PTS Conventional Reel

    Quantum Cabo CNW 30 PTS Conventional Reel new in box. This is a great little offshore reel made by Quantum a few years ago. I use one of these and I have another that I love in the 20 size. Set up with braid it is a great 30 or 40 lb. Bait or jig reel for fishing local waters offshore. It is a...
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    Sheephead, steamed

    Great tip. Thanks.
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    2 Piece Popping Rod Question

    Paraffin is typically what you want to use on your rod ferrules. The reason you want to lubricate the ferrules is that rod sections can get stuck making it difficult to unseat and break down the rod. If a ferrule gets stuck, folks can get frustrated and break the rod as unseating the ferrule...
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    Recommendations for Gear Setups for 1.5 day BFT trip

    All of my trips on the Pacific Queen and my 1.5 day trips have been fishing 20-40 lb setups. You will probably be fishing mostly bait as a first timer, and it is usually the easiest way to start getting bit and keeping your line in the water. All of your first three rods will work for this...
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    Montana - checking in safe from Corona Virus

    Miss fishing the Skwalas....
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    Super Strong Guide Wrapping

    Thanks for the tip Walt. I was thinking of doing something like this with one of the Fuji plate reel seats on a deckhand rod. Not even sure that I need to use the epoxy, but it would probably help keep the reel seat in place over a longer period of time. Only question I had was how easy either a...
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    SoCal shops or stops

    Bob Marriott in Orange County. Nice selection of fly tying stuff and well known catalog retailer.