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    Rings on Charlie Brown Hooks

    If you're in San Diego, we carry the full line of Charlie Brow, plus lots of other Quickrig hooks and swivels at Dana Landing in Mission Bay.
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    Shogun - Police

    New years eve every night of the summer.
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    Is this where our big "resident" bluefin went?

    The west to east migration takes place around either equinox. Biologist told me they head west from San Francisco area, and book straight across the pacific. They don’t know how or why they know to do that, but the pattern is consistent.
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    Personal Best Bluefin

    The IGFA rules were adapted directly from the Tuna Club of Avalon. They're west coast rules.
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    Boaters protest this morning at shelter island?

    One comment on this. On average I believe it's been 15 days from contraction of the virus to the time someone would end up in the hospital. If the amount of people needing hospitals doubled within a week of easing social distancing restrictions, they would have contracted the disease before...
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    Seeker booth shenanigans lead to my first UC blanks at Fred Hall 2020

    Bottom line, factory booths shouldn't be selling direct to the public.
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    Suzuki Mechanic Needed in SD area.

    Had a gear case rebuilt at JPs. No problems on my end, still runs great. Our rental fleet mechanics defer to them on the Honda motors we have on one of our boats. They were able to straighten out some difficult issues we had with those motors.
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    People who fish dark braid

    Wow, John from Dana Landing here. Just to be clear, we don’t have any directive to sell any specific lines, or line colors. Most customers want green spectra. I always ask them if they are fishing party boats and try to talk them into light colored braid, but ultimately it’s the customers...
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    Blackwater leader

    Doing inventory at the shop and found 4 coils of 200# Blackwater in back-stock. Anybody interested can give us a call or come by Dana Landing. They list at $129. If somebody wants all of them we'll let them go for less. 619 226 2929
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    Black Friday deals?

    At Dana Landing, we’re giving a $20 gift card for every $100 spent.
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    Tuna 0 Marlin 1

    That’s the old Burns slot jet. Those are striped marlin killers.
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    New PENN Torque TRQ15XNLD2

    We sold our first one today. It took 300 yds of 65# pro spec, with space to fit 30 yds of 50# xxx mono. We also now have the 25n, 30 and 40 in silver.
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    New Trinidad’s???

    Looks like the Toruim PG, low gear with the power handle.
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    Okuma service in San Diego

    We do at Dana Landing
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    Treble Hooks on Schnabels

    There’s still a Mustad treble hook that comes that way.