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    Happy birthday MARLIN MIKE

    Happy B-day Happyhappy B-day!
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    WTB-Seine netting or similar for batting cage

    He still does have the whole kit and kabootal. he said it is supported with aircraft cable so you can collapse it. He has a two-tire jugs pitching machine that he said might need bearings lubed, etc the frame was bent in a snowstorm but he went ahead and had everything fixed. when I asked...
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    WTB-Seine netting or similar for batting cage

    I will ask my boss if he still has his old batting cage. I think a windstorm messed up the frame some years ago iirc. His kids are grown now. He might still have it. Long shot but I will ask him today.
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    Double Ooops

    oh I got your answer... as soon as this state ain’t blue. oh sorry, I think that was out loud
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    Hood Canal/South Sound Chum Advice

    Yeah, maybe. I don’t know why you would keep a chum though. They are fun to catch! and I’m sure there are going to be others that say if you do this, or that, they are good to eat. I’m just not a fan of pink or chum.
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    Hood Canal/South Sound Chum Advice

    Dabob bay coho is probably good. I was on the pier at Bangor yesterday and the seiners were right out front.
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    Vancouver (WA) Mule/Hold & A Report

    So, I’ve got Matts hunting gear, Ricks thrashers, and Eriks puller. I have space so no concern there but it might make sense if everything went over to the East side at once. I’ll let you fellers figure it out
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    Need manual transmission rebuild Seattle area

    Well shoot, Shouldn’t you provide some type of specifics. Not everybody works on everything. i had a ‘69 GTO that ate Muncie 4-speeds for breakfast. young and dumb on my 3rd transmission when sold that puppy for$600 (455BB baby) god I regret doing that now
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    WP 10/8 tuna

    Boat looks familiar. It’s killing me so I have to ask, was this the same NR that was having trouble with a bilge pump on a Saturday? Only to get called in and take over our bait stop on a Sunday? One crew with a cowboy hat and another working iron off the bow??? Goddam we were sure tickled...
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    End of season clearance

    I feel ya, but this isn’t Craigslist. If a BD member burns another member SHAME on them! That’s why shit gets sold on this classified’s. And yes, I would like to be in line for either of the thrash/Avet rigs
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    Anyone in Bremerton, that could bring something over to Seattle (general area)?

    I could pick up for you but I don’t go over the bridge very often. I am picking up a pot puller for blindpig and it needs to go to the northend btw
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    Westport albacore fly rod madness

    Great stuff! I inquired about the flies after first trip and Guy was gracious enough to send out a care package for free!! unfortunately, I had them prepped for the last trip but ran out the door in a hurry and left them behind.
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    End of season lead melt

    Disclaimer: This is a superficial and totally fabricated lead melt. It sounds like fun though.
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    End of season lead melt

    You know you lost a thing or two. Keep eye on weather. Seahawks lead melt and gear swap (Or just whatever) At Patrick’s place Sunday at 10am kickoff Somewhere in backwoods gig harbor. With special guests happydaze and southsounder and maybe Minnesotadave and Toomanyhobbits and bigeater among...
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    Ryder’s Big Westport salmon

    And OBS love! nice job making memories