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    NEW ANDROS 12's ll - 16 sizes info on deliverys

    Sooo..... No problem with the andros 5A's that are out already or is this strictly because metaloids are taking priority to be fixed first??!?!??!
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    For Sale: Phenix psw-809H 20-50

    Used twice in like new condition, won't find a cleaner one. 220.00 picked up in lake elsinore, or can meet in riverside, temecula, murrieta areas Text is the best way to reach me 951 588 4 4 8 8
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    To paraphrase a classic BD line.....

    Bitter seahawk fan ^^^ And we almost lost due to a 40yd folley catch @ 2yd line..... shit happens
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    You lost!

    Richard, how many SuperBowls would you have had if Pete Carroll didn't fuck it up for you?
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    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    God damn I musta been drunk as f#*k posting here, my bad
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    LOB Go Away

    U Mad Bro lol #4 soon to be #5 Hell of a game, nails are chewed off
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    Chargettes are leaving...finally.

    Jerdog hell ya go pats
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    Here We Go

    NE by 17
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    Super Bowl Prop Bets

    Dethrone Time!!!
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    Deflate Gate

    Should be a short one with the SeaCock fans pulling fire alarms at Pats hotel room all week. After all u seen what Brady does to teams when they piss him off. Don't wake the sleeping giant people
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    Conor Mcgregor..... Who is this crazy Irishman!?!?

    Conor has em beat mentally before it even begins. Very impressive Cowboy didn't win that fight, but I hate Ben H. so good deal not sure why people support fighters who dont/cant finish anyone (Ben H.)
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    Go Pats

    Then seattle was using an over inflated ball on the onside kick that bounced off greenbay secondaries helmet. Jesus the media is terrible. GO PATS!!!!!! gonna beat the shit outta seattle now!
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    WTS: DEPS 175 Butch Brown Trout

    It'll sell faster on swimbait underground brother
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    What is a "thrust bearing"?

    Get the penn
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    A care package arrived today.

    Got mine today, nice reel. For those that want to know: yes it has a little handle bind similar to the talicas which isn't very much. Not as bad as metaloid or avet. Serial # 8 Preset was locked down pretty good from the factory. Other than that very happy with the purchase Thanks to Chris...