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    Marla's 11/1/19

    Hahah. Open invite for you buddy!!
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    Marla's 11/1/19

    Nice LJ. I still feel like something was missing in story.
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    Long Range fishing without the ride

    Hahah. Yea Steve. It was still a hijack anyway u sugar coat it. Long range is dying off. The amount of boats going long, is diminishing. People in long range are gonna be looking for more options. This is the way to "long range" when sd boats dont go anymore. Ill close the thread if it...
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    Long Range fishing without the ride

    No one asked for your opinion. Im just trying to fill a few spots on a trip that is way better than long range for most people. Days fishing for cost, its a way better deal. 3 days is plenty of time to try for a trophy. It beats the alternative of being stuck on a boat for 2 weeks with some...
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    Few spots open for pv charter jan 6 on Constitution

    Hey guys, Posted in long range forum too. I have a few spots open on my jan 6 3.5 day charter on the constitution. I have a great group of anglers and the fishing is starting to get good down there. Cost is 1600. Lmk if your interested. Thanks Nick
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    Long Range fishing without the ride

    U bring a soft side cooler bag and the crew processes the fish and packs 45 lbs in the bag for you. It will stay close to frozen till u get home. Ive seen people carryon or check.
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    Long Range fishing without the ride

    Hey guys, Long time since ive posted. I have a few spots open on my Jan 6-10 Charter in Puerto Vallarta. Its 3 full days of fishing on the Constitution. There are a lot of good people on this trip. Last i checked, the plane tix were cheap. The cost is 1600 and its a 12 max person charter...
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    Tipping On A Long Range Trip

    The chef should get the biggest tip
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    It feels like something is missing from this story, but sounds good so far ..
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    Constitution: just got home from my trip, thanks for the advice

    Thanks for the report. Glad you were able use some of the useful info in your post. You payed your dues and will get a good one for it. If they were easy to catch, it wouldn't be as fun.
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    I sold 12 spots. Its a 12 load trip plus me though. I would agree that 10 people would be nicer as far as everyone getting 2 bunks and the galley fitting everyone a little more comfy. Some of my guys loaded on the boat before we got there and hogged up a lot of the bunks. I wont let that...
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    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    As a charter host I made sure all my people knew how much money to bring and what to expect. The kite rig was 25$ . The tanks of helium in mexico equate to about 12$ per balloon. He is using the big balloons. The balloons are like 3$ ea.Not the medium ones they use on other boats. There are...
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    Constitution Sportfishing Need advice

    Just got off the Constitution for the 1st time. I have to say not 1 person felt "nickel and dimed" and i think people need to get their facts straight before posting on social media. Anyone wanting true info, please pm me.
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    Red Rooster 11 cows and 1 super yesterday

    They're on the beach. They did lousy at the bank and island. Pulled a hail mary and saved the trip.
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    What happens on the Maximus-mostly stays on the Maximus

    I can neither confirm nor deny any of this