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    976 is so bad for the regular angler!

    Instagram fellas. Follow the captains and boats that fish your local waters. When you see a post that grabs interest reach out and ask thoughtful questions. Captains appreciate the follow and engagement on their account and smart ones will be open to spread knowledge in hopes of getting you on...
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    WTB 8-10 Dingy

    Have a Caribe 10 footer 2011 with 2011 Tohatsu 20 horse on the back. RIB hard bottom fiberglass. Need it gone! Asking $1600. In Newport 714.206.9283
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    Trolling Motors on Big Boats

    The reason for bow mount is for maneuverability. Off the stern or side you will lose the ability to maneuver well which will also affect the ability of the trolling motor to hold a spot lock. I wouldn't put on a trolling motor at all unless I could bow mount it. As far as is an...
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    Trolling Motors on Big Boats

    If you are talking about trolling jigs at 5-7knots, no way. If you want to slow troll a live bait out the back then yes. I would guess the 36v would get your vessel up to 3 maybe 4 knots at a constant rate but that would be a heck of a load on the motor. Do not transom mount it. Waste of time...
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    San Clemente Island 11/5

    Fog was thick on the island but the channel wasn't bad. Nothing good electronics won't take care of. The closures didn't affect us. We were fishing zone B and then into C once it opened at 3pm. We heard other boats hailed by them to move so they were enforcing. We just had a game plan to work...
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    San Clemente Island 11/5

    With the lack of any substancial report coming from SCI for the last couple weeks on BD or Dope I thought I would share what I saw out there last two days. Fished frontside usual spots and Pyramid Head. All fish caught on sardine or jig Lots of bonita. Everywhere you look on frontside it is...
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    Beautiful day, slow bassin !!

    Been out fishing local a bit. Confirm water temp dropped to 64 off HB/Newport as well. The pipe is still going full speed on 13.5 inch calicos. There are bones on the pipe too that I am not hearing much reported on. Last three times there we have had bones swim by every 30 minutes or so and eat...
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    Catalina Mid-Week Yellows 8/20 to 8/22

    Thanks for pissing off some of those pesky dogs on Cat! Nice yellows as well. Sounds like fun times!
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    Offshore US Waters - General Overview

    Thanks for that bud. I do run charters for a living so getting people on fish is what I like doing best whether or not I am getting paid for it. Always up to give more specifics through PM if interested.
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    Offshore US Waters - General Overview

    Got on it again today. 312 is the area. Green water on 209 and 267 You will hear it here first...BIG BFT are LOCAL and in some crazy volume!! Under an hour run from Newport Harbor. We hooked one but lost it and it was miles wide of them. Everyone will know about this very very soon I am sure.
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    Offshore US Waters - General Overview

    Always going to be one guy on BD... Can guarantee no dorado we caught was under 6 pounds. All ranged 6-15 pounds. This was a report, not meant to be anything more or less. Lets not get negative here.
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    Offshore US Waters - General Overview

    Been putting in the time offshore recently. Four trips in the last 7 days were for offshore waters. I launch out of Newport and have spent a bit of time at the 14, 267, 277, 181/182, 289, and 209. The good news is dorado are here and in volume. We have caught them on all four of our trips...
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    Big Bass at The Pipe 7/30

    Nice report! KMAN plastics work great
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    Catalina Frontside - General Overview

    People will be idiots when they are out fishing in all scenarios whether on a paddy, slow trolling, anchoring, run n gun, or just going between spots. Just like people will rant and rave on BD without providing people with real useful information. If there are a number of boats anchored up then...