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    TRADE Trade 45 ACP 100 rounds for 38 Special in San Diego

    I would suggest you check current regulations concerning private ammo sales. illegal In CA.
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    200hp Merc Outboard only getting 1.2 mpg??

    The right prop versus the wrong prop can be half a mile a gallon. Rig a flow scan and then borrow/rent five or six propellers large-diameter stainless steel ones.3 blades 4blades everything that you can find and then go make some notes run the boat with all the weight that you would normally...
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    Aluminum livewell

    marine grade alum is a necessity.
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    Shamrock motor issues

    3000 rpm and reduced speed equals something slipping. Transmission or a long shot would be a keyway on the propshaft.
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    Spring workups kick off in the Gulf

    Thanks for the write-up. the boat looks interesting, any more pics/info available about the layout. Thanks
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    Kodiak brake thoughts/advice

    A salt away type product sprayed after launch, and at the end of the day helps with longevity of the components. I use a 1 gallon garden pump sprayer and hit the calipers. Quick to do after launching and probably helps while the trailer is salty all day. After wash down of hull/trailer I hit...
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    What do you eat for lunch while fishing?

    I always try to have tuna salad when tuna fishing.
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    100 hr service gone wrong

    The water pump hsg has a stainless steel cup inserted. that cup can be oriented incorrectly - the hole is off center. That will wear the DS in the area you point out and cause other issues.
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    New 2018 Daiwa Saltist blue

    Does it have the same anti-reverse arrangement as the Saltiga ?
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    Setting up a kite reel

    Have you considered using a downrigger to fly the kite from. Anybody tried, and with what results.
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    see listing under "supplies" First entry. YES
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    For Sale Honda TRX250R 1987 QUAD

    1987. HONDA TRX250R stock plastic.wide front a arms. Shocks professionally re valved with new springs ,pipe w/arrestor .K+N air filter 5 gal desert tank, extra tall desert seat.good tires on Honda gold rims, Extended stem with tall handlebars. 2 extra paddles on rims. Also 2 Honda gold rear...