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    Best tasting fish

    King Salmon, sculpin, swordfish
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    Smitty's Soft Pad

    I saw them at Fisherman’s Landing Tackle Shop.
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    Offshore Islander 3-day 9-3 to 9-6

    Thanks for the report Shawn. You definitely earned that fish considering what you had to do to get on board… Cool back story regarding @stp and this trip. One week before we were scheduled to leave he realized his passport was expired 😳. He talked to the landing and they said no way to board...
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    Owner Ultra Split Rings: the right pliers?

    I use the Owner split ring pliers. It’s a nice tool. Comes with line cutter and sleeve crimper too. And I agree that it seems that installing the split ring deforms it more than just merely opening it with a tool.
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    Inshore Kayak Dorado

    Nice work Matt! Bluefin next?
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    Conundrum - Braid with top shot or not for Blue Fin

    I have reels with both spectra to short fluoro and spectra to mono to short fluoro. Basically I start all reels full of spectra. However, sometimes some of the spectra needs to be removed if compromised. So I’ll add some mono to get back to a full spool then use the short fluoro. Eventually I’ll...
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    Disposable Knife Jigs..1 and done

    I’ve been using the 7/0 Mustad Heavy Duty Assist Hooks. Very stout hook and cord.
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    Disposable Knife Jigs..1 and done

    Is it just the paint or the jig that’s cracked? If paint, don’t sweat it. If it’s the jig, the through wire should hold it together. But if you want to replace it, other colors have been working fine if not better than all glow. And yes replace those stock hooks. They suck.
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    eBay Jigs and Amazon Swivels

    What a great offer! Do you record your findings and have any results to share?
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    Offshore Islander 1.5 day 6/27 3 days of fishing

    For my 80 lb tackle I set the drag at strike to 26 pounds. However, on hook up I started it less and never slid the lever to strike. The fish came in quick and didn’t feel the need. I was probably at 20 pounds or so.
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    Offshore Islander 1.5 day 6/27 3 days of fishing

    Thanks guys. A few more notes on the trip: I saw fish caught on all types and colors of jigs from Mustad, Shimano, Daiwa etc. Some were glow and some weren’t. I got 3 fish on pink/blue with glow but I didn’t use a light to charge them. Drop deeper rather than shallower. Most of the time fish...
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    Offshore Islander 1.5 day 6/27 3 days of fishing

    Yes the eyes come stock on the jigs.
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    Offshore Islander 1.5 day 6/27 3 days of fishing

    Fish were at 240’-360’. We aimed for 400’ down to allow for line scope and the minimal drift, then worked the jigs up from there. My line was marked, my buddies wasn’t. I told him to drop down until half his Fathom 40 spool was empty. He tried it and finally got one to bite. Last fish and...
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    Offshore Islander 1.5 day 6/27 3 days of fishing

    Just got back this morning from a 1.5 day on the Islander. Trip left the dock at 6:00 pm Sunday, baited up and cleared the point by 8:00. Considering how close the fish have been, Captain John said we will start fishing around 10:30 pm! He also said to be prepared to fish all the next day, night...