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    PETA Propaganda "Save the Sea Kittens!"

    Found this on my e-mail this morning. From Ken Kurtis of</B> at [email protected] " I am furious and am asking you to join me in my outrage. Let me start you off with what got me going (and yes, it's apparently legit): PETA // Save the Sea Kittens This morning in the...
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    My Johnson goes up and down!

    New filter/ water seperator, and new filter mount. I will be resealing all of the hose connections before our next try. Carbs cleaned and rebuild kit installed. Tank vent wide open, and it does it on both of the tanks. New fuel pump and new bulb. Prop splines onto shaft. (Lucy! You got some...
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    My Johnson goes up and down!

    When I am running the 1984 3 cylinder, 2 stroke Johnson outboard on my 17' Boston Whaler, the engine works OK at low speeds. Once I open it up a bit, the RPMs go up and down, sort of like a surge. I have replaced or rebuilt the fuel system from the tank to the spark plugs, so I don't see what...
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    just a thought

    Do deaf guys have to wear hearing proctection while operating a jackhammer?
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    Another old lady

    An old lady got pulled over on the freeway near Massachusetts Ave in Lemon Grove. Officer: "Ma'am, do you know that you were over the speed limit by almost 30 MPH?" Old Lady: "No, I was going the speed limit. See, there it is on that sign!" Officer: "No, ma'am, that is the highway sign. This is...
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    Ear Problems

    Did the open water dives down to 50 feet. A OK! I equalize as soon as I go under, and keep ahead of the pressure. The cert dives were at La Jolla Shores and we had a good time. I am looking forward to diving here in south orange county. Thank you for all of your advice!! Happy Hunting!!
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    Ear Problems

    In the pool I practiced equalize my way to the bottom, so if I go gradually, I think that I will be OK. I want to be able to cruise along the bottom. Freediving has no problem with The Bends, but ear pressure is no different. Freediving means that I can't pause to equalize for as long. Maybe...
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    Ear Problems

    Got a DMV Physical for my class A CDL and asked about scuba, and the doc cleared me for action. I was told "Don't do anything stupid!" and "Bring me some lobster!" Pool dives this weekend, and ocean dives weather permitting. Look out bugs!! -N
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    Ear Problems

    I want to learn to scuba dive, but I have had ear problems in the past. In 1984 my brother boxed my ears and popped a hole in my eardrum. It took quite a while to heal, and I asked my doctor (GP) about it a few years ago. He used a pressure gauge and told me that he thought that the hole was...
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    "Are You A Real Man???"

    DUDE!!!!!! Warn a guy!!! You could be responsable for a fatal ASNR!! (That right there is why some big gal lover invented bungee jumping!)
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    Cracked Windshield

    Crack Kills! Tell me you weren't trying to draft off of that!!
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    Push button start

    You didn't use a bottle opener???!? Toggle switch for "Run/Off", Momentary (push button) switch for "Start", Another momentary switch for the "Choke". Now all you have to do is figure out whitch wire goes where...
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    Cpt. (needs) Convincing

    Where you go and what you throw kind of dictates what you may catch. I am not likely to get a bag limit of calicos on the 117 and very few marlin along a jetty. Throwing a whole live mackeral probably won't catch me many sculpin, and I dont think that tuna will hit mussel. He needs to have a...
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    Facts are Photo's

    So if I hold it closer to the camera, it will look bigger? :) I wouldn't want the moderators to ban me because of their "No Chips, No Dips" rule. :( I never thought of weighing it, but it measures a good solid 13! ...Oh, no. Wait, those are centimeters. Sorry. -N.
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    Possible border closing Fri. (9/31)

    Then they will all run across.