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    Any of you guys own a Renzetti Rod Wrapper?

    Orca can you please send me some pictures (310)617-7270
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    WTB Looking for a Penn Baja Special 113HN

    Txt me i have one for sale, good condition.....150 plus shipping
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    Any of you guys own a Renzetti Rod Wrapper?

    Any body out there wants to sell a clemens or rezzenti wrapper?(310)617-7270
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    WTB Want to buy colored newell reels

    Thank you swami 805....I got a blue 332 from him..still looking for a green one
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    For Sale Flex Coat 4 Rod dryer

    Any pwr Bed extension for sale??
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    Seeker SB Ulua 100H “The Calico Stick”

    Where did you get the gold electra thread?
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    SOLD Lemon Neptuna Beefstick 528

    Hey mr sapo so how much for the blank?????
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    WTB WTB Newell 220 or 229

    Text me i have few p220f for sale(310)617-7270
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    WTB Newells p

    How much do you want to pay??? I have both!
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    WTB Narrowed 533 newell

    How much for the greenie newell?????
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    WTB: Looking for a Used Rod Wrapper setup

    I have a used cpw in good working condition with a single rod dryer for 250 bucks (310)617-7270
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    WTB OG Newell P332

    I have few for sale $175 bucks each!
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    WTB G344-f Newell

    I have one for sale $150(310)617-7270