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    Cartel chaos?

    I quit going about 6 years ago. I really wish I could go back, but four things make that very unlikely anytime soon: 1) crime in Mexico is increasingly spilling over to non-drug involved people, 2) Covid -- if I get it, I don't want to be far from home, 3) the fish are here (yea! global...
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    Best porta potty

    That is a slippery slope. My wife said if we had a real head, she would be 100% happy. So I upgraded to a boat with that. She was happy for a while but soon discovered she needed a stand up shower to be truly happy. Another upgrade. Them a real galley. Yet another upgrade. Most recently...
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    Ocean fishing gear for sell

    post up some pics of the rods and reels. Are you sure it is ocean tackle?
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    Help with fish identification on sonar?

    I don't believe the individual fish marks are enough to confidently identify the species. But, by taking into consideration the likely candidates and their behavior, you can make a pretty good guess. My guess is sand bass, based on them being widely dispersed and relatively numerous. But...
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    Renting a Slip vs. Trailer Storage..

    The gist of OPs post seems to be you can save a lot of money by keeping your boat on a trailer. Obviously true. Another observed that a slip is a luxury. Also true, but then so is having a boat. But neither insight is even useful in deciding whether it makes sense to have a slipped boat vs...
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    Looking for work? IRS is hiring now.

    Going through an audit is very taxing (sorry for the pun). You are really at the agent's mercy as fighting in tax court is HUGELY expensive. The one thing I will say about the IRS is they do seem genuinely interested in assessing the tax due (meaning full adjustment or no adjustment), not...
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    Portable Genset Inverter

    Just be aware of CO poisoning and the need to keep the exhaust positioned so that it cannot blow into the cabin.
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    San Diego man drowns in Newport Beach retrieving cell phone.

    The real danger, in those circumstances, is not running out of air but blacking out from being in shallow water. The oxygen in your lungs is consumed but as long as there is enough oxygen to prevent the loss of consciousness, you are fine. But the tricky part is that as you go deeper the water...
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    Open Spot on RR3

    Ask a judge (small claims). In my opinion, any provision in the "contact" that causes you to forfeit $750 requires that they make reasonable efforts to fill the spot. If their website falsely showed the boat full, no spots available, they didn't take reasonable efforts. If I were the judge...
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    Warranties That Aren't Worth Sh*t

    Big ticket items are more commonly transferable. With incidentals, the thought is to be loyal to customers, but not everyone else.
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    Just a heads up if your not aware!!!

    I would tell you but both the question, and a proper response, are inherently political, which is banned around here with no exception for relevance to fishing interests. But it shouldn't surprise you that in balancing competing interests the government consistently comes down on the other side...
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    Nasty Crash!

    No amount of defensive driving can protect against that.
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    Suggestions needed. 100% newbie.

    I don't see that his has been mentioned, but very important to take a USCG boater safety class -- not the bare minimum to get a safety card (which is now legally required with a moving age cut off) but the multi-week course put on by USCG Auxilary. You will learn a ton, including navigation...
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    Offshore Roller Coaster 8/4 (First post ever) 302-9mile

    Excellent fishing and McGivering skills. One minor tip though -- when you are using a bolt to hold things, especially linkages, together, it is best practice to put the nut on the bottom. That way, if it works loose, you still have gravity holding the bolt in place.
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    Engine data on screen?

    Yes. Maretron isn't the only solution, but so far as I know it is the most comprehensive. There are great on-line resources you may wish to check before calling Maretron.