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    Old raymarine electronics

    Recommend selling on ebay or listing on THT. The DSM300 is most likely done, I had one go out on my old boat, sent to Raymarine, they said they were done with the free warranty and wanted to sell me a newer model. I just held my ground and they repaired for free, I tested it and then sold soon...
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    Mobile outboard mechanic SD

    Yamaha F50's are fairly easy to do maintenance on, there are videos for most of it online... unless its carbureted and needs to be rebuilt and synced. I have an F50 fuel injected on my tender and have done it twice in the garage.
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    Cleaning outriggers

    Best way is to lower them, can be a pain, I usually have my washer/detailer do it every so often. My current boat has them mounted high, much more difficult to do.
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    Air conditioning tripping shore power breaker (2002 pursuit 3800)

    I had an electrician make a boost box for me, dock power was causing my units to throw an error, everything ran fine on the generator. Everything fine when I use it now,
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    WTB - Simrad NSS9 Evo 2 or 3

    Yeah, saw that and edited my post.
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    WTB - Simrad NSS9 Evo 2 or 3

    Nevermind, didn't see evo3. Defender was clearing out Simrad about a year ago... current prices are much higher.
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    WTB - Simrad NSS9 Evo 2 or 3

    BOE is selling some reman NSS9 evo2s right now...
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    MTU Series 60--If you have them in San Pedro/Long Beach Who Does the Work on Them?

    I'll also drop you a PM on the MTU mechanic, not in need but may need in the future, I have 8V2000s.
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    Fujinon Techno stabi binoculars 14x40

    There is a pair on SD CL for $675 right now...
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    Michigan Propeller DQX Nibral Props 1.5 Shaft

    Thank you BD, 3 year old thread resurrected and a set of props found their home. The 19 x 22 x 1.5 are still available.
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    Michigan Propeller DQX Nibral Props 1.5 Shaft

    I actually still have them in the garage.... PM sent.
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    Need install for Lean Post/Bait Tank

    I agree with Tom, you would be better off just putting a west coast tank behind your existing leaning post, could probably find a used one for a good deal and pay someone to install it right.
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    MCRD Ramp

    I was able to use my code to get on the dock and on my boat last week. Wife and I are both CAC holders, so no info on escort privileges.
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    MCRD Ramp

    I have my Whaler in a slip over there... need to see if I can get aboard as I haven't been there since this COVID thing started...
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    Simrad tech

    Dan Sparagna - 858-232-2400, he is Simrad certified and installed on 3 boats for me.