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    Bass fishing Irvine

    I had some good times working there.
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    [email protected]cking POP-UPS....

    Dude, constant pop ups for healthcare and mail order asian girls............. I just can't decide which one to click on ? :oops:
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    KR Spinnerbaits from the 70's

    Dude, Vail brings back the memories. Monster crappie and bass on the blades and topwater.
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    CoronaVirus "stay at home" Movie lineup for today........

    Throw some 28 days later and 28 weeks later to fit the bill too
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    Xd100 oil

    Dude, that's a good price. Thanks man
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    Re powering with an Etec

    I have a 2012 150 e-tec, mine is also xd 100, runs great on it. engine just plain runs. I put the 4 blade on mine ; I like the way the 4 blade works for powering between the sets, better throttle response.
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    War Heroes

    Since I moved here I have donated myself and my boat to taking the vets out every year at this event. This was last weekend. This is an awesome event for those who gave us the freedom to do the everyday things we take for granted...
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    Irvine Lake..........

    We stocked a good load of sturgeon or two back in the 90"s when I worked there. Only a handful were ever landed and those were released. Those things have so much food given the size of that lake. That and landing one that does not go ape on you is hard on most people and the fight is usually...
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    Dogs of BD; Post Yours

    This is buddha
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    2018 Chevrolet Silverado 3500hd Duramax - LT and LTZ's - 12k miles

    Dude, I want the white one. How much semen or bone marrow would I have to sell in order to get it ? What if I mix them together, are they worth more ? Kidneys are worth something too, right ? Maybe a tijuana transfer ? Seriously though, I wish I could get one. My 06 has seen better days
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    2 weeks in Wyoming

    nice cow man, I hope to do it one day. Seems so expensive or hard to draw in some states.
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    Heading to Wyoming

    Go get em ! I wish you guys the best of luck ! Persistence pays off. I hope to go elk hunting one day before I push dirt.
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    Have new resident on my property

    Dude, how much for the owl boxes ? I need bats in my neck of the woods too, bring on hordes of them.
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    For Sale NauticPro Prop S.S. 15x17

    I am open to offers / trades, bass tackle, 7 1/2-8 ft rods
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    Fuck you, fucking fuck Facebook hackers....

    I prefer the wire myself........