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    9/5 Pursuit Sportfishing - Catalina

    22nd street landing San Pedro
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    For Sale 14’ Valco

    Free bump for a really nice boat Pride of ownership and attention to detail with all the custom work completed shows GLWS
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    Calstar GF700M/H for Mark

    Masterpiece! enjoy your rod
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    9/5 Pursuit Sportfishing - Catalina

    The Freedom is the BEST BOAT In the Los Angeles area. Tino the captain is the man. He has excellent customer service. Runs a tight boat. Never had a bad trip. His passion for fishing and great customer experience you feel the moment you step on the boat and get the captains speech. Enjoy your trip
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    Here's a good read of Escaping earthly reality to enjoy the wet worlds harmony while a sucsseful Scouting mission 1/7

    Thanks for taking the time to share your enjoyable day on the water. You don’t always have to catch fish to have great time on the burg pond we get to call our backyard. Seeing all that life makes it worth the trip alone. Orca in the prop wash, sperm whales, Mola’s, paddIves the size of...
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    Jacks from the Beach, Cancun

    Nothing like catching Jacks in the surf. Little bulldogs that take a lot of line with attitude thanks for sharing
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    SOLD Daiwa Saltiga 40HA, Daiwa Lexa 400HD HS-P, Penn Torque 30LD2

    Free bump on a good price on one of my favorite reels Saltiga 40 is an Awesome reel to do whatever you want GLWS
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    For Sale Calstar 777 xxh 80-130 rail rod $250 firm

    Can you show a picture of the complete bottom section. I’m trying to figure out where the seine cord is located. It’s not clear in the picture. I can see hyphalon above and below the reel seat. Thank You
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    LJ YT and Red Action

    That’s how you get it done Enjoyed watching the video thanks for sharing
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    Great way to end 2020

    Great to put all that information to good use. The DSL is so important when listening on Wednesday webinar. Thanks for posting your results and how you were fishing. Daytime sword fishing in our backyard in December. You guys got an early Christmas gift thanks for sharing
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    Local OC 12-12-20

    Happy YELLOWTAIL birthday
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    Info on jigs

    Mail them to me and I will try them out for you. They look brand new. Look like yellowtail killers Good luck with finding information about your jigs
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    SOLD Pair of Calstar 655XH

    Free bump for a nice deal on some cool sticks GLWS
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    28' ugly duckling

    Great question from above post. Waiting patiently for some updates Thanks for sharing