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    Fishing Colt Sniper and Flatfall

    Pacific jigger is dead on with what hes saying I love flat Falls and have caught hundreds of fish on them. I take it even further I fish flat falls nowadays mainly with level wind reels only. so all I have to do is turn that handle. But If you want to get good and fish flat fall your whole...
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    Stardrag for 25# bait?

    Sealine 20 is the cheapest, swap the drag washers out for CF and it lasts forever. I have the 20,30, both with CF washers go to reels for bait fishing. There still going strong after 15 years.
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    Tranx 500 vs. a Trinidad 20A

    You can get 400yds of 65 max cuatro on the trance but take it from experience don’t do it it doesn’t cast for crap. Backlashing nightmare I wish I would have put the 80 max on it. I’ve tried everything to correct it. All brakes on extra tension control. You name it either I got a bad one or its...
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    Adjust baler flip resistance

    That's a slippery slope there. If you were to loosen the bale resistance, then you run the chance of the bale closing when you try to get that extra long cast. Snapping off whatever jig your trying to rip out there. If you tighten it up too much you run the risk of damaging the internal...
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    New Seaforth - 9/8 Full Day Report - YFT

    Great Capt and crew fish them religiously. They do get the bulk of the newbies, everyone wants to ride the San Diego. But 50 people on that boat is entirely doable. Don't let that keep you away. Plenty of room to fish that boat and RJ will be on deck the whole time helping out hook and hand, of...
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    "SMASH IT!" Independence 7 Day 2019

    Simply !!!! Thank you for that amazing detailed report. It gets no better than that.
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    ling cod squid jigs do they work on yellow tails

    Yes they work for Yellowtail but really I've only had them work a little farther north, up around SC or CI. I've tried them at Coronados on a good Yoyo bite and nothing. But caught a bluefin on one a month ago.
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    Line for my Stella 18000

    80 MC white or yellow. That reels a beast what rod do you use with it?
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    Tranx 500 line options

    Exactly as Ripped said, only difference I filled mine with 65 MaxC and got 420yds.
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    Fathers Day Weekend - Bluefin & Yellowtail - Video - 2 Days on the Excalibur

    That was an amazing video. Father and son what a perfect day for both of you. Congratulations.
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    Bluefin Tuna. On Da POPPER 6/15

    Thank you very much, LOL now I need one of those.
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    Bluefin Tuna. On Da POPPER 6/15

    Very nice great job on the popper. What is the rod you have the tranx on if you don't mind me asking.
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    Shimano Tranx 500 on sale.

    Wow great find, I ordered one and went back for a friend and the price had went up. Just called Reeds and it has already shipped. Unbelievable price and free shipping and no tax. Thank you PabloB
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    Conventional Reel Recommendations

    For your price point, the old reliable Daiwa Sealine. For what you want either the 40 or 50. Easy casting lasts forever I would recommend the SHS high speed model at 6.1-1. I have the 20,30,40 and 50 there going on 15 years all I've done is replaced the drag washers with Carbon fiber. They've...
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    Nebraska Goes Long Range Fishing - 2019 15 day Intrepid Report

    I wake up in the morning praying that when I come to work Nebraska has added another read. Sir I hope you know how amazing your words are. I would read your articles every single day. Thank you.