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    SOLD Brand New 10' CUI...SOLD.....

    That is a really nice jigstick! Gorgeous wraps too.
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    SOLD WTS Newell P533 parts

    I’ll take it.. sent ya a pm
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    SOLD Okuma tesero 5s 220 takes it

    Thanks bud! I will let ya know when I get the reel.. and thanks for making the sale so easy! Great seller!
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    WTB Graftech Wallbanger Rod WB72H

    Think this is what ur looking for right??
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    For Sale $225 rods for sale NO TRADES

    What a beautiful set of OG’s!!
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    SOLD Shimano TLD20 II with Tiburon Frame

    Sent a txt message to the number
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    For Sale Calstar's ,Seeker & UC Reaper

    Absolutely buy with confidence folks!
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    For Sale Calstar's ,Seeker & UC Reaper

    Just wanted to give a shout out to Gio.. straight up guy! Thanks for the sticks brotha
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    SOLD Calstar 540 or Harnell Blanks

    A Hornell is just a really happy jigstick 🤣
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    For Sale Calstar's ,Seeker & UC Reaper

    Sent a pm on the honey 690J