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    Whats the best rig for Thresher sharks

    @Carl...for sure! Too many woo hoo hooos! And just a buffoon in general. It's okay to be excited but he's over the top. And a dork! Between Covid and GoPro video cameras, too many think they're the new era Roland Martins or Bill Dances for now and the future. 🙄
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    Save the Sea Lions

    Seals are like some fishermen. Can't find their own so they jam up on others to try and pick off what they can.
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    playing a tuna, drag settings (I love old star drags)

    @bladee... I'm much the same as you! I know that the newer stuff is technically better. I just haven't embraced it fully. At some point, I'll probably break down and get a Fathom. With that said, my friend @Corndog has some very nice stuff I will borrow. Some of it I sold to him. 🤣 I do have...
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    Fishing line on the new Bushido LS76/20-40

    My guess is it's a CRB unit from Mudhole. The rod supports are theirs anyway...
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    Tips on preventing air bubbles?

    A bathroom or kitchen sink does they same thing and best of all, you already have those. 🙂 I use a bathroom sink and don't fill it all the way up to the levels of the finish in the bottles. It only takes five or 10 minutes to get them where they flow better. I let them cool down for 5 minutes...
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    8'6 moderate 80-100lb blank

    For a US distributor, try
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    Tips on preventing air bubbles?

    That's easy enough to do lately. 😆
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    Okuma PCH Bent butt looking for straight attachment

    I see. Why not buy something that fills that need? Or are you happy enough with the rod other than that? You could try contacting Okuma and explain your situation. They could at least tell you who makes theirs or maybe sell you a straight butt. If you want aluminum and they don't have one, take...
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    Okuma PCH Bent butt looking for straight attachment

    Take the top half of your rod to a shop that specializes in rod building and find one that it fits into. You may be able to do that in a regular tackle store with stock rods. What kind of aluminum butt is on there now?
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    Looking for Fuji LNSG08 & BSVLG12

    Len, I get that. Frustrating as hell. I did call them and was told he's "still out of stock on those." Oh well...
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    Tiburon gone?

    The website update has been going on for many months now. At least 6. I'm curious as to the real story myself.
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    Thanks Rick..... Fucker!

    Using someone else's hooks? Pretty incredible he didn't know.
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    Guide Wrap Color Combinations...Post yours!

    2 colors and the middle lines. Nothing wrong with that. Simple and clean. Nice.
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    Stainless Steel Guides and Braided Lines?

    As I understood it, the courser texture of those early braid lines would pick up sand and other debris. That's where the problem lay. Repeated back and forth of fighting fish caused the grooving. I suspect even without sand getting picked up by the courser line, it happened anyway. I moved from...