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    tady 4/0

    Welcome back Jim Brah!
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    GP80 Mega for Elbie

    Beautiful rod, Jim. Great use of the chosen colors. Is he a Chiefs fan?
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    4 For Ted

    Great work on those Jake!
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    Building a 180lb. Trolling rod Components

    Aftco Unibut and Bigfoot roller guides and tip. Or just the #52 roller and tip with the Fuji HB guides or ALPS equivalents between them
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    First build ever....Rainshadow Revelation Swimbait 710MH

    Okay. So use less heat on your torch. I find it helpful to pour the mixing cup onto foil and warm it there. Better still, I use a straw to blow on the bubbles to break them up. The best thing, is don't create them in the first place. 😏 **Just make sure you extinguish the flame on your lamp.**...
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    Three Lamiglas Bass Rods

    Nice work!
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    First build ever....Rainshadow Revelation Swimbait 710MH

    That looks really good. Why do you think it needs another coat of finish?
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    Old Brass Reel Seats

    The hoods resemble the old Lakeland reel seats I remember. Some were cheap stamped numbers though.
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    Spinning Guides For UC 70HP

    I stand corrected. I'm not familiar with their newer stuff. I suggest the Alps XN Series or Fuji KW Series of guides.
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    Spinning Guides For UC 70HP

    Just a point out, that reel was made quite a few years before braid came on the scene. Therefore, you really won't have the drag capabilities that you would a more modern reel. That reel was most likely made to fish 25 or 30#. 40# would be pushing it hard. I would suggest 1) get a more...
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    Albacore Tuna Lures

    Back in the mid to late 70's, I worked on the PQ for Big Ed. We were fishing albies and some guy, using an Ambassdeur 5 or 6000 on a Fenwick Lunkerstik was throwing a Rebel deep running Fatback minnow on the bow. His line was that hideous looking flourescent yellow Stren. The plug was a...
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    Seeker PH BH89 Question

    The BH89 was originally patterned after the Truline of the same designation. That's been my understanding anyway.
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    Sportboat fishing when it’s windy

    The old days of albacore and Morro Bay? Among other things...
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    As a kid , I grew up across the bay from San Diego. There was a small rock jetty at the beach. As a kid, I used to fish there frequently. Plenty of mussels to use for bait. We took what we needed. Once in awhile I might take a dozen home to clean and freeze for another day. As time went by, I...
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    For Sale truline lm8 Hershey glass

    The LM8 appears to be one of the reincarnation blanks from the late 90s. Nice, but not worth that kind of money. JMO and GLWS