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    Is Seeker rolling there own rods?

    This is good to know. I stand corrected.
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    Is Seeker rolling there own rods?

    You're cool, Mike. I'm not disturbed and I apologize if that's how it came across. Happy Thanksgiving
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    Is Seeker rolling there own rods?

    I heard Brad Loomis. I've also heard Seeker does their own. They used to anyway. 🤷 Honestly, if (Gary Loomis) North Fork Composites were doing blanks for others, including Seeker, it would explain delays in receiving blanks. I think NFC has enough on their plate without rolling for others. And...
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    A Spinner for Chef Cosmo

    Great color balance and use. Nice work,Bill!
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    Deep drop swordfish rod for Codzilla

    That's a jaw-dropper! o_O Simple and still over the top.
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    PH93H Ulua for Codzilla

    That is wicked sick! Or dope, or whatever... That rod is bitchin as hell !!!! Very impressive Jim!
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    UC70M Memorial Rod

    Beautiful rod! That's a fitting tribute to say the least. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend Jim.
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    USMC Terminator

    Semper fi ! Great looking rod for a deserving Veteran. Well done, Jim.
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    Bump for Mike. A great seller and reel technician. Welcome to Bloodydecks.
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    Get busted by fishing police on 14 miles bank Socal

    No. Just pay the fine and do your research for the future.
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    Harnell Factory Colors ?

    Where are you going to find them? Those feckers are scarce on ebay anymore. Right. I think it may have been an NCP shade of green. Possibly a Holland thread.
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    Identify a shitbird

    Sad yet most likely true. His name is now public record. I doubt anyone other than his family would miss him if he disappeared as lobster bait. Maybe not even then. 🤷 Just make sure you set your hoop nets up current from him.
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    Creamcicle Ulua

    Fat Cat is right. It looks good enough to sink my dentures into! Another fine rod off the Webspinner lathe! Great colors! A standout stick for sure.👍👍
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    Identify a shitbird

    He's been arrested?
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    76 CENTAUR For Ron

    Sweet looking rod Jake. Drooling...