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    Looking to rent a small slip in Newport Harbor for 1 day

    Looking to rent a small slip in Newport harbor for 1 day this Saturday, 12/12. Just need a place to safely tie the boat up in the morning/afternoon. Boat will be out of there by 11pm that same day. No fishing, cleaning, maintenance will be done, just a simple cruise through the harbor. 17’...
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    Helium in Orange county

    West air in anaheim
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    WTB Reliable kill bag 30 x 72

    Looking for a reliable kill bag 30 x 72. Can pick up within 24 hours with cash, thanks!
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    The little whaler that could

    HAHA oh man, I hope someone was able to at least come up on it. It got tangled with my main line and out of panic I cut it without thinking and instantly regretted it.
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    WTB Reliable kill bag 30x60 or 30x72

    Looking for a reliable kill bag 30x60 or 30x72. Thanks!
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    The little whaler that could

    shoutout to billy k! I got lucky landing the fish, but he got me to the zone
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    The little whaler that could

    17' montauk, but im looking to upgrade to a bigger boat ol reliable - keep up with routine maintenance and feed it quality fuel/oil
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    The little whaler that could

    7/25 report Launched solo from Dana Point and made the trek to the grounds. Beautiful weather all day, even got difficult to fly the kite w/o commerical-grade helium. Like the most of us, I got skunk'd plenty of times, but keep coming back to make it happen one day. It was finally that day...
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    Friday May 29 Offshore - That's more like it.

    What size DTX minnow do you troll? Thank you!
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    WTB Rail Rod / UC Invictus

    Looking for a UC Invictus rail rod. Also open to other rail rods in similar line class. Thanks!
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    WTB No longer needed

    No longer needed
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    Is the South Shores (Long Beach) boat ramp open?

    Yes it’s open, just launched there myself yesterday without any issues
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    WTB Simrad Go7 w/ transducer

    Looking for a new/used Simrad GO7 XSE or XSR w/ the total scan transducer. Will be installing on the transom of a 17" Whaler Montauk. Open to any other suggestions if there's a better set up. Thanks!