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    Transducer decision B175 vs B275

    I'm about to install the B285 on my boat. Can't wait to use it.
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    Skipjack 25 Flybridge

    Kevin Cotter he’s in Anaheim. 714-716-6541
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    Cat 05/23/20

    Yes, I put south cuz we always talk about the backside of the island as up and down.
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    Cat 05/23/20

    Lunches from Sunset Aquatic around 1:00am and went straight to Avalon. Got there at 4:00am and got bait from Long Beach Carnage. Fished the V’s at grey light with not much luck. Worked our way up the backside till we found a small beach south of Little Harbor that had some fish that wanted to...
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    SOLD Simrad RS20 VHF & 4' Galaxy antenna

    How much do you want for it?
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    Santa Barbara Island Anchorage

    I think I’ll be leaving early morning instead. Thanks for the advice BD
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    Santa Barbara Island Anchorage

    Thinking of heading to Santa Barbara this weekend maybe Friday evening to spend the night at the island. I have a 24’ Skipjack Open and I’ll be checking the weather before going. Never been there before so just wondering where would be a good place to anchor for the night or should I wait at...
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    5-16 Catalina

    Forgot to add this one.
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    5-16 Catalina

    My friend brought it along and he's also getting used it to. Not sure what make or model it is.
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    5-16 Catalina

    Here's my 1st try at this drone thing. Sorry no music.
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    For Sale Honda 2000 generator

    I’m interested, where are you located?
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    For Sale Fuel tanks

    What are the dimensions of the tanks?
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    5-16 Catalina

    That was in the harbor on the way out
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    5-16 Catalina

    Trim tabs work awesome, helps plane. I was able to go about 24kph at 3600 and 2.4-2.5 mph