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    Looking to upgrade my autopilot and radar / any recommendations

    Tito at Titus Marine Tech
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    Any Simrad marine electronics gurus in the Bay Area?

    Make sure you have power to the NMEA 2000 network itself.
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    Cheapest nema 2k fishfinder

    I believe the Lowrance hds 5 might be capable. Just saw one for $50 but forgot where. Maybe here or OfferUp
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    Cheapest nema 2k fishfinder

    Simrad Go 5
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    Hey electronic nerds... foot pedal question

    Looks like a resistor. You can also just use a crimp on connector if you needed to.
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    For Sale Power Caster PC-1 for sale

    Selling a used power caster pc-1 with a rating of 500lbs in good working condition. Retail $1650 new asking $650. 626-488-6715
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    New to me Simrad radar

    I have a point 1 antenna but it has to be 3 feet from the radar. If anyone has it on a 24’ open Skipjack, where did you place the antenna? I was thinking on the stern.
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    Check my NMEA 2K Network Please

    You should be fine
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    New to me Simrad radar

    Where did you mount your antenna?
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    New to me Simrad radar

    Just picked up a Simrad 4G broadband Radar for my Skipjack. Is the overlay option worth installation of a separate gps antena? How many use the overlay option.
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    Big Tuna Caught Last week on Super Panga

    I grew up with him, good friend of mine
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    Volvo Penta 5.7L with XDP outdrive

    Is it the same for the XDP composite drive. I know a lot of people have bad things to say about them but on a single engine set up I get 2.2-2.5 mpg
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    Volvo Penta 5.7L with XDP outdrive

    So my risers took a shit and hydrolocked the engine. I will be replacing the exhaust and risers. I broke a tooth on the flywheel and need to pull the motor in order to repair it. I have room to pull the engine forward a few inches and then pulling the engine. My question is, is this possible or...
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    Volvo Penta risers and manifolds

    I need to replace the exhaust manifolds and risers on my boat. I know I can get factory ones but has anyone used after market ones that are better. Just figured I might upgrade if there is something better out there. 2005 5.7 OSXi motor. Thanks