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    Islands SCI 05-11-21

    Motor runs fine just can’t get Pat 2500rpm so we just cruised
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    Islands SCI 05-11-21

    Boats been acting up and did a bunch of work and wanted to test it so what better way than to head over to San Clemente Island. As soon as we lunched I noticed the motor was still not 100% but decided to make the un anyways. Went to San Pedro for bait and left the harbor at 12:30am. Got to about...
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    At what point do you need 4x4?

    2002 Suburban with an 8.1L engine 2WD and tow my 24’ Skipjack with no problem yet.
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    Chevy Mirrors

    mrfishcado submitted a new listing: Chevy Mirrors - Chevy Mirrors Learn more about this listing...
  5. Chevy Mirrors

    Southern California Chevy Mirrors

    I installed tow mirrors and have these extra. Came off a 2002 suburban but should fit 2000-2006 I believe Suburban, Tahoe and Silverado. These are powered mirrors with the curtesy light that also works. Passenger mirror has about 4 small cracks but nothing major. $50 626-488-6715
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    Offshore Looking for some Puerto Vallarta fishing advise

    Marla Sportfishing Mr. Snook (cousin of mine) Capt. Scobby (friend of mine)
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    MEFI 4 reader

    I have 2005 Volvo penta 5.7 fuel injected engine and I’m having issues with it mis firing. I’ve replaced a bunched of parts and did a compression check. Does anyone have a MEFI 4 scanner I can borrow or rent? I want to see if it’s mechanical or if the engine is going into SLOW mode due to a...
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    Gelcoat color matching They are in Ontario and do color matching. I had some done for my skipjack and came out really good. They charge $55 for color matching.
  9. Simrad BSM-1 Module

    Simrad BSM-1 Module

    I bought this but never ended up using it. It is used but works fine. $150 626-488-6715
  10. Torch set

    Torch set

    I have a used but in very good condition Victory Journeyman torch set with torch, gauges. I can also trade for fishing gear.
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    Another 24' Open

    Here’s a few from today’s trip to Catalina.
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    Skipjack Fiberglass

    Sherfab in Ontario color matched some gelcoat for me. I took one of the rear panels and it came out really good.
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    Classified ad replies

  14. Skipjack motor cover

    Skipjack motor cover

    I have no use for this one, it is in really good condition 36”x40”x9” $150
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    Simrad fluid level sensor

    Thanks for all your help. Once I get the replacement I’ll let you know if that solved the issue.