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    WTB Mens Mountain Bike

    Hey guys, Anyone have a mens mountain bike laying around that they want to sell. I need one for hunting. PM me with what ya got. Thanks, Brian
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    Tuna town campsite for tonight

    If that old mans shorts got any shorter, you may be able to see his balls hangin out. @ draggin balls @dragonballs
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    Westport hali 2020

    It's open thursdays and sundays only starting aug 13 (and it was open aug 6).
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    Westport hali 2020

    You better check the regulations cause there is no open season tomorrow for hali out of grays harbor.
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    26' Olympic XLC w/ Suzuki 250 & 9.9 Armstrong bracket

    Count me in for trading fishing seats for time hunting your property Dave. I am definitely game for this kinda deal. I'll pm you my number, let's talk.
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    26' Olympic XLC w/ Suzuki 250 & 9.9 Armstrong bracket

    @Cut-Throat you got yourself one hell of a deal. That boat is awesome for everything PNW. @Sockeye71 Dave, so I know your moving to Idaho but are you completely giving up the whole PNW fishing gig? I know you "gave away" :) all your gear and sold your boat. I just dont know how a guy who...
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    Anyone have a Boat trailer

    It's a race. @Fish_on! Was gonna buy it too Might want to send ben a pm john, he went and looked at it and said it is A LOT of work.
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    Sept king in July?

    Agree, 13, is as dead of a shithole as it gets. See you guys in wp!
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    Free bottom half Shimano Convergence

    These sound like rock solid rods. :)
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    Halibut in the straits again?

    Yes it's open, look at the announcement from a few days ago. They had to open sekui thurs, fri, Saturdays; the same days as MA 3 and 4 so people can land their hali in a legal port that is also open to hali fishing on the same days. Us wp guys got fuct because on fri and sat we cant go fish ma...
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    Hey y’all

    Agree with fuel n filters. That little cylindrical one on the face of the motor caused me grief once.
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    WP kids business opportunity

    Yep, end of 16 is where I often hang out too. It's a shitty situation out there. We bitched and they brought out the pressure washer one year.