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    Calstar blank ID help

    its a GF 100J , they do not make it in the GG /BTG blank or rod.
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    40lb set-up suggestions

    calstar GF7400M and a fathom or torque 25N
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    6th Annual Superbowl Winner Prediction Contest!

    no you jackoff, any other stupid fucking questions ?
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    Truline BO36?

    your rod is in the middle, B36 10 tip .960 butt ,BO36 9 tip 1.00 butt ,BOR36 10 tip 1.20 butt. a B36 is slow , as for your list of what the letters stand for,Collins was somewhat interesting. so you are interested in collecting TRULINE DYNAMO'S ?
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    Truline BO36?

    why you ask ? because they are three different models. a BO36 should have a #9 tip and both a B36 and a BOR36 are both #10, all have slightly different butt diameters .
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    What do you think it weighs???

    exactly, so lets try and guess the weight of the chubby angler so i would say 215lbs. and the fish should be around 70 to 75 lbs.
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    Tuna King rod...

    the original tuna king rods were right up there with neptuna rods. kind of like conlon before garcia cheapend them up.
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    9’ Bait Stick Suggestions

    actually a calstar gf 875xxh is 7 1/2' long a 800xxh is 8 '. i would go and take a look at a calstar GG 6490H .
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    Special Edition seekers, looking for info on

    those rods are about 3 years old, the new owner of seeker decided to build a few with gold guides . dana landing had a couple of them to sell.
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    Calstar 90TCR

    it should be a 90J 30-60lbs and the TCR = taka custom rods/taka tackle.
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    Rod to do 40 50 and 60

    go and pull on a calstar GF 7400XH
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    overrated, they still think Bo Schembechler is the coach. they made ohio st. look like they can play defense today and they are terrible. 0-4 against ohio st. i think its time for harbaugh to find another job or hobby, maybe his brother will give him a job.
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    i heard the toilet flush an hour ago, Harbaugh should have stayed at USD, he had it made there. Michigan just has to wait until next year again. utah ohio st. should be a good game.
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    they are playing Michigan so that is a plus, like harbaugh can't screw up. I wonder how much it will cost to buyout Les Miles contract with Kansas after this mess ?