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    Prefered route into Ballard towing a boat

    Just remember, size matters and if you are taking up the road they will get out of the way Slow and steady they will move... no???
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    Prefered route into Ballard towing a boat

    Yep that is best grew up there now live south least amount of obsticles Or 509 to 99 through the tunnel first exit after crossing aurora bridge go to the left straight ahead until you get to leary then right and keep going
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    Survey says....

    Can we get a decent fishing season to go with those?
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    Double Ooops

    Hard to believe but these POS's are still there most likely as stated before they were a floating homeless camp and the POS homeless drug addicts have just moved on and left their mess to the rest of us as they normally do... How long do we have to put up with this crap? Anybody seen Denny park...
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    Double Ooops

    Still there including the Vespa
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    Double Ooops

    Still there this am even the vespa is still on the sail boat, Im suprised the pack rats have not carted everything away by now.
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    Miscellaneous boat gear for sale

    Why dont you just buy another boat then you won't need to sell these things... Problem solved... You can thank me later
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    Meadow Point

    What best goes with those big metal flashers spoons? Hoochies?
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    Garmin customer service... WTF

    Customer service sucks almost everywhere these days... but really? towed home from sekiu because you had no chart plotter???? Sekiu became famous from people fishing from kicker boats with nothing for navigation... Just a compass will keep you facing in the right direction it's pretty simple...
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    Any one move from a 3/4-ton to 1/2-ton and regret it?

    Just curious, Whatdoes a beast like that get for milage unloaded? Loaded?
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    Q-cove flasher leashes??

    Maybe someone with a 3D printer??? Seems to be a comon problem these days...
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    The Paragon

    WOW now that is sweet! Congrats on your new boat and your pending retirement Looks like you will be too busy to work. Enjoy!
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    New boat ho available

    Congrats....I guess....but bummer. You're always welcome with me if I ever put mine back together.
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    A-10 Crab Report, Accidental Nookie, and Likely Crab Poacher Alert

    I would have to go back and read up to be sure but I do believe there is stipulation that you can't remove the fish from the water unless you are on a boat over 30' or so. Again don't quote me on that but check the regs Just checked unlawful to bring a fish on board (over the gunwales) if it is...
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    Anyone know what happened with the commercial over-harvest of crab from last season?

    And we wonder why our seasons are so F'd up at this rate there will never be improvement what a bunch of crap!