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    SOLD ‘95 Stella 3000DH

    If you’ll ship, I’ll take it
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    WTB Penn accurateplate 500

    I have an Accuplate 500. Will send pics tomorrow
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    For Sale High End Slow Pitch Rods/Reels

    Nice video! Nothing like catching half your limit in under 30 minutes. What camera were you using?
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    SOLD Shimano Talica 10 ll (New)

    Are those scratches or dust I see on the left sideplate?
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    SOLD Newell 220XN sold

    Badass little reel
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    WTB 6455 x or xxh. Or somethin similar.

    Custom Seeker 6460xh 40-100lb. Black on metallic blue thread. $125
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    SOLD Shimano Torium 20 / Accurate BV300

    That’s the one I wanted but seller prefers face to face, and I can’t come to him right now. Good luck, bud.
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    WTB 20-30;b spinning rod

    I have a Shimano Pacific Series 15-40 spinner. Solid rod that I believe has the lifetime warranty. $50, but I’m in south OC.
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    WTB Seeker american series or calstar wc

    I have a custom wrapped Calstar BWC-970 if you’re interested. I’m in south OC
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    FREE Found Bob

    But are you his uncle?
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    WTB Shimano torsa 16n-16

    Don’t have a BNIB reel, but I do have one that’s in great shape. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, hit me up.