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    Or one hell of a good time and some white claws!
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    2015 Yamaha 6hp 4 stroke

    Well shit! That was it.
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    Something wicked this way comes

    Very awesome! Congratulations!
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    This is going on my next cat...

    That’s genius! The sad part is having the two engines to rest your butt cheeks on for warmers.
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    Entering Westport Boat Basin and Overtaken

    Holy shit this is like working in a customers house while they’re watching The View! Lol Carry on.
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    From under the rock......

    There could be some Montana Dave sightings this summer.
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    From under the rock......

    Well holy shit. Slap a couple Seattle phone books on a chair and pull up a seat!
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    WTB: Pipe Jigs

    Shoot me a text at (509) 768 7368. I have quite a few pipe jugs if interested.
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    2013 Forest River Tracer RV

    This trailer is awesome. Lots of room for storage. Bunks are for full size guys. How’s great too!
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    Who's that dude

    Thanks for clearing that one up Laurence.
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    Shimano bait rods

    Still up for grabs