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    7/8/20 BFT

    Making Bloody Decks proud. Nice one!
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    1.5 Day Offshore Trip Outside SCI

    Happy you got a nice BFT for your hard work and much appreciate the useful feedback on the boat.
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    San Diego B&M store w/ Okuma Rail Rods ?

    Not sure but worth giving a call to Dana Landing because they have good Okuma inventory.
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    For Sale 86 Cabo Cuddycon 216

    Hoping with interest to see the update and shop report. Thanks, David
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    So glad to be back on my Skippy

    Great to see that you hung in there and recovered some quality of life. I followed your rebuild and am happy to see you enjoy it again.
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    Cabo Boat Owners

    A concern would be water penetration into the transom core through the cracks. Did Cabo use ply in these transoms? Sanding is important in addition to covering over the glass strands that can wick moisture into substrates. Mario, your swim step looks great. Do you have a build thread on it?
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    Covid Refugees from Mexico Major Factor in Border State Spikes

    From the Mexican Carlos Slim controlled NY Times Borders Won’t Protect Your Country From Coronavirus
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    For Sale Northwind 22 Project

    Wow, nice platform for a solid build project. Where is it located? What is the bondo for in the deck core? Any parts go along with it that are not pictured?
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    For Sale Don’t buy Robalo San Diego

    Oh my, I was looking at that and comparing it to the other Robalo 2020 w/o motor for $3500 and on the surface it looked like the much better deal. Thanks for sharing your experience that saves a few others from wasting good time.
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    Dream Truck Stolen from Fisherman’s Lansing

    Ask a law dog about the operator/owners liability because those posted liability waivers claiming non-responsibility are mostly BS. You may have some recourse if well advised. The only excuse for the landing not having a security system to protect the customers is to grant shade to the dark...
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    21’ Outrage aluminum deck plate

    Hoping it is not a tank of some sort.
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    Rioter Doing Stupid Shit

    Smores , Smores!
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    Online Mexican license issues

    I got mine today and it was a bit confusing even from the PC. The pay button will not illuminate until you go through a few pages. Look at the lower right small arrows and keep selecting that until you get the pay button to light up. You might have to disable pop up blockers too.
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    Ignoring Members

    I hear you brother! I quit listening to KPBS, NPR and the like because those lefties are constantly parading victims who's stories evoke outrage at the injustice caused by the cold hands of a certain demographic that is on the decline. I really got burned out on their cult of victimhood...