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    New Trailer tips/hints?

    removing the carpet is a great idea, but don't forget to paint your bunks so they don't absorb water,or change bunks to trex lumber which is synthetic and won't soak water. Another good idea if you insist on keeping the carpet on, is take the time to replace all your nuts and bolts to stainless...
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    Kauai Charter

    Nemesis Sportfishing
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    130s verse 80s?

    I put Jerry Brown hollow core spectra 130# backing on my 80's, took a whole 1200 yard spool and had enough room for a couple hundred yard top shot of 100 # mono that inserts into the spectra, clean connection. Sure, takes some time on a big fish, but you don't get spooled easily. Unless you...
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    HOOk, LINE, and LEG!!!

    Sorry about your injury, but glad it turned out ok. Seems like that's the problem with trailer hooks, one for fish and other for angler. I personally run a single hook for all lures just for the safety factor, I'd rather miss a fish then run the risk of personal injury. Even with a trailer hook...
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    New, one of a kind flats boat, finally here

    If you mean cheap by saying "pake", you're right, it isn't. It's a one of a kind boat and the only one in the whole state of Hawaii. It's still a Pake's boat though,lol
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    New, one of a kind flats boat, finally here

    Boat is designed for flats use not offshore in heavy seas, never normally is there three foot seas on the flats.
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    New, one of a kind flats boat, finally here

    Awesome boat, came home in .2 on the gps tide, old boat needed at least .9 to come back on the inside. Saw a guy wading with water below his knee and passed him about about a hundred yards away and I was inside of him. Scary, running so skinny, but that's why I decided on this boat, changes the...
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    New, one of a kind flats boat, finally here

    All the way from Texas to Molokai. Boat is made by a woman boat builder from start to finish. Engine was mounted at Bayside marine in Kaneohe and front and rear platforms were custom made at Island Metalworks. Boat can run in very skinny water and is the perfect flats fishing machine for...
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    The last supper!

    One day years ago, saw something moving on the surface in the distance, as I got closer, it turned out to be a small 12lb Omilu, which I promptly sccoped up. It's mouth was wide open as it had swallowed a Manini and the sticky sharp dorsal fins were stuck in the roof of it's mouth so the small...
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    The last supper!

    On the way back in from a flyfishing charter today, saw something floating and veered over to see what it was, as it looked weirdly like a huge fish. When I got close enough to see what it was, turned out to be a huge 60-70 pound Ulua floating dead with about a five pound O'io stuck in it's...
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    Waianae 7/09/2013 Another great day on the water!

    I gave up on Mustad years ago because of failures
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    Beginners Luck, But Costly Mistake

    Try to always aim for the eyes on Mahi, if u feel intimidated, you can even tie a short, small rope to the gaff head and half hitch it to the handle, so if you lose your grip, it's still connected to the boat, kinda like a mini flygaff!
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    scary moment

    Oh well, maybe a good excuse to invest in some new engines, check out Honda, they are offering 2.99% for up to 48 months. Just repowered last October so wanted to share this with you, like having your cake and eating it too! Very affordable and five year warranty, unless you're a commercial...
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    Fly rods for sale

    I have assorted fly rods for sale, most of them are eight weight and all are near new. I have Ross, 5 ocean 7 Seas, Albright, TFO and Echo, call me and I can tell you the exact models etc. 808-336-1870, mahalo