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    For Sale Bimini Top $60

    Sold! Thanks it fit perfect.
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    For Sale Bimini Top $60

    Perfect I’m at 66”, please check you PM.
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    For Sale Bimini Top $60

    What’s the width and length? Hoping it fits my Livingston
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    Is my engine mounted too low - Livingston Warrior

    I’d replace the water pump etc before going any further. Then run it to see if that fixes the heat issue. If it’s not getting hot anymore then try moving up a notch. Or a smaller prop to get the RPMS up. Still getting hot? The motor could be too high and isn’t getting water flow (clean non...
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    Move Gas tank or Battery forward to redistribute weight?

    I’d try it both ways. These boats are weight sensitive. Are you leaving it just as is? This is how mine looks now. I made sure I tested the weight of what/how I wanted it before I made it permanent
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    Move Gas tank or Battery forward to redistribute weight?

    How’s your boat set up? Deck/windshield up front? Tiller? Center console? I’d separate the batteries from the fuel as a start. 40hp 2 stroke? If it’s 4stroke remove all extra weight from the stern.
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    Southern Baja - Pescadero / Todos Santos Surf fishing report this Past week Feb. 12th to Feb. 19th

    Thanks for the report! I’m heading down mid May. Can you tell me about your rod/reel setup?
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    For Sale 2011 Livingston 12’

    Someone better jump on this quick, before he changes his mind! I love mine.
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    Hauling a boat to Los Barilles

    Why not launch the boat at San Felipe and fish your way down? Sounds like a great adventure! I mean if your going to be living the dream, you might as well right? Los Barriles is my favorite place in Baja, can’t imagine living there. Your going to want be friends with Greg.
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    MagBay on the fly.

    Now that’s a great IG channel, followed! Thanks for the follow back, order a tank top and a hat.
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    MagBay on the fly.

    Damn! Any video of that Hatch 12 singing ?
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    Fun halibut fishing 11/30

    Cody, you should of fished the Halibut Tourney!