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    PLK Calicos July 10th

    Thanks for the report John. I was going to head offshore tomorrow but I think I’ll fish calicos on the fly rod instead.
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    Livingston Runabout Fishing Mods

    Lookin good Tom !
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    Fish ID plz...

    Wow, that’s an amazing catch. I stand corrected
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    Fish ID plz...

    That’s a NOT a Black Sea Bass. Post corrected !
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    Livingston Runabout Fishing Mods

    Your welcome to come check mine out. Check your PM
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    I had to reschedule our trip. I hope to see you guys next year ! Frank P
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    For Sale Pilot house windows

    Ahhh damn, how do they attach? Your going make me get itchy...
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    La Jolla-May 24th

    Thanks for the report that includes everything that is important John. I'm hoping to go out on Tuesday and chase Cudas with the fly rod.
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    14’ Livingston raising the floor... ADVICE

    Your in Hawaii? Just go to the ramps later in the day and talk boats with the guys who have actually done it. Lots of pics on IG, look under Livingstonboats
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    For Sale Bimini Top $60

    Sold! Thanks it fit perfect.
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    For Sale Bimini Top $60

    Perfect I’m at 66”, please check you PM.
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    For Sale Bimini Top $60

    What’s the width and length? Hoping it fits my Livingston
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    Is my engine mounted too low - Livingston Warrior

    I’d replace the water pump etc before going any further. Then run it to see if that fixes the heat issue. If it’s not getting hot anymore then try moving up a notch. Or a smaller prop to get the RPMS up. Still getting hot? The motor could be too high and isn’t getting water flow (clean non...