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    Capt. Neal Isaacs Passes

    RIP. A real nice guy. He was great with my then 11 yr old daughter, cheering her on, with her tough battles with YFT to 85lb..........excellent captain
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    Election Fraud - non-political

    Sure. But the problem is, all the claims about widespread election fraud have been shown to be false. Barr, Pompeo, Mitch etc.............numerous state officials, several of whom are Republicans, all say the same thing: no significant fraud. When nearly 80% of Republicans hold out there was...
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    Caught the elusive PSLS

    Great phots! Especially enjoy the nudibranchs
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    Election Fraud - non-political

    Ha! 100% accurate. and all voter fraud is for Biden (even though the only guy busted was voting his dead mother for trump)
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    Election Fraud - non-political

    for starters, as his interview IN his own voice showed, he knew Covid was much more contagious and dangerous than the flu in Feb 2020. He would not use the WHO tests already available, so turned to the idiot Redfied at the CDC for a new test. Why is this important? When his "ban"(partial at...
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    Election Fraud - non-political

    Trump lost got his ass kicked by every measure you can come up with . The supporters of "alternative facts" are a sad lot. I do worry about the future of our country. Several 10's of thousands of our citizens are dead due to his mishandling of Covid. That alone makes him a failure of epic...
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    Queen Charlotte Safari's

    Covid/cabin fever is high. In June, my daughter (she will be 17) will be headed up to Queen Charlotte Safaris. I had met the owner at a couple of Norcal fishing shows. We are trip committed, but was wondering if anyone had feedback on the operation. Thanks!
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    Huntington Harbor Report 11.18 & 11.20

    cool to see Stomatopods in a picture. in your hand, not so much. called "split toe" in the Caribbean area for a reason :)
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    Awesome fishing our first week back at it! YFT, Wahoo, Roosterfish, and more!!!

    it is great to see Panama back in action, and some very nice quality fish caught. And my buddy Jay,looks very dapper :)
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    Still Some Salmon out the Gate

    thanks for sharing and Congrats!
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    Local fish...

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    Old Favorites

    salmon trolling with chrome/brass MckNight and Spoofer with red feather
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    Panga Fishing Los Cabos - Cow Tuna

    great story and happy ending!