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    Offshore 2 miles off Torrey pines (late report)

    Makes the memory of many skunks this season not seem so bad! Time on the water
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    Offshore 2 miles off Torrey pines (late report)

    Decided to fish La Jolla Saturday. Thought most boats would be off shore! 30 kayaks 50 boats and 1 sporty. Decided to go elsewhere, headed north towards the Del Mar kelp beds and got waived in to a paddy outside Torrey pines. 74.5 off color water but paddy was loaded with dorado. 2 to 6 boats...
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    Offshore POS drivers

    What a tool! Not t mention the marine Corp sticker on the right side of his bumper.
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    Offshore Another awesome day of fishing 11JUL

    Awesome day! Love the check, raise on the pics. Lol
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    Offshore 9 Mile Blank 7/5

    I saw the old blackjack boat for sale on line a couple months ago. Maybe that is their new boat? Just going off the picture on the post.
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    Offshore 9 mile 10/4

    I saw that boat, I thought it said LOSER?
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    Cedros Outoor Adventure Trip

    Times leaving and returning?
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    Offshore Great Day Fishing on my Buddy Chad's Boat The Madrugador 9/20/2014

    Wow, no comment from ice patrol guy on this post. Lol. Another great day to great summer. Nice job guys!
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    Offshore impeccable form

    What is the US limit on kelp?
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    Offshore Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    I can't wait, the only thing that could make this thread any better, is his wife coming to the rescue!
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    Offshore Sea Trek - Helgren's Oceanside - Report & Review

    So funny to see another captain get hooked and respond to someone's post! If you run a top notch operation your reputation speaks for itself. Lmfao!!!
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    Offshore 8/24 yellow fin boils all around us

    Hey Gene, thanks for a great day on the water! I'm glad 9 of the 12 boats in front of us picked up Macks instead of the chovie. They were key.