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    offroad event this weekend

    I joined an event similar to it, and it was fun. I own '14 f150. It has a leveling kit, rancho shocks, all-terrain general tire and CAI. My next plan is to add steel bumpers and a winch.
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    Want Sharp Hooks?

    Looks like a handy tool.
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    Tuna entertainment

    Those are big tunas! Congrats!
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    What is best

    The Simrad GO9 XSE with TotalScan is a good choice also.
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    Brisket, where do you get yours?

    Costco and local megamart.
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    Liquid Adhesive, Brush-On

    Those lures look nice. Great work!
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    Advice on hull painting

    Awlgrip is very durable but can't be buffed
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    what are the best bionocolars for working the tower?

    Check out Canon. They have image-stabilized binoculars that are within your budget.
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    Good Lefty Reel?

    Don't have one but I heard great things about the Daiwa Tatula.
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    Simple and oil-free bass recipe, oven "steamed”, good for kids

    Looks yummy and easy to prepare. I like broccoli, french beans and zucchini for my fish dishes.
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    Recommended stand alone fish finder?

    Hard to beat a Furuno FCV588. Its sonar circuit is great.
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    Is .308 enough for most hunting?

    .308 is a decent choice for all-around hunting. The 30-06 offers extra power and will give you a better ammo selection.
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    Good place to buy a fathom

    If I need something, I usually check Amazon first.
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    There should be no real problems shooting them unless there's visible corrosion or bulges.
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    Magnet fishing

    I never tried that, but it sounds fun.