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    hwy 5 road condition, any updates ?

    Take the 5, amigo. I drove it three weeks ago (heading north). Trust me. Yeah, there's still a small stretch of well-graded gravel. FINE for a trailer. The rest of the road is so epic, I got really disoriented. And the improvements between San Felipe and Gonzaga have gotten MUCH better...
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    Breakfast And Box Lunches In CSL

    Mar de Cortez and Renegade Mike are a killer combo! (Kick Mike in the taint for me, jajaja!) With minimal notice, Mike can arrange the food. If not, there's a market just SE of Mike's slip that has great coffee's, breakfast's, and boat lunches. Show up early, it get's busy! Saludos y suerte! -d
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    Hauling a boat to Los Barilles

    Hola amigo, just a couple rambling thoughts. (I too fell in love w/ E. Cape nine years ago. And after all the hotels and camping, bought a place in Buena Vista.) DEFINITELY join Discover Baja Travel Club -- they are a huge help with everything! The La Ribera marina seems full and expensive...
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    Film - Sea of Shadows

    I dunno. I'm sitting at home, writing this. Am I doing any good? I'm not on the Sea Shepherd. What can make a difference? Maybe nothing. I know ignoring the problem won't help. I know discussions raise ideas. I know having the support of others strengthens me. I know I'm willing and able to aid.
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    Film - Sea of Shadows

    Bob. Good Lord, amigo! Thank you for the corrections and insight. I am still learning. And please, never edit thoughtful and beautiful words. How dare you. This world is greatly lacking in such pursuits... (Your full diatribe deserves to be posted on this, and every, site.) And if the world...
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    Film - Sea of Shadows

    Bob -- Sorry amigo, perhaps I'm misunderstanding? "A lot less could have been done a lot sooner with much greater outcome?" How so? That doesn't seem to make sense. Little has been done, since day one, with practically zero outcome. Which is by no means to suggest a lack of effort. The...
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    Cabo surf fishing

    Hola amigo, my 2 cents. Definitely fish with Wesley Brough (CaboSurfcaster) if he's available! I can't emphasize this enough. And bring some metal (Sierra are starting to show, as are the winds.). For bigger baits, stuff like Cabo Killers will cast (and last) better than Madscads. Check out...
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    Cabo rediculousness. Big time Tuna with Jaime Gonzalez

    So sick, Charlie! (And due credit to Jaime and his team!) Seems like you're down there quite a bit. I'll be in E. Cape this fall, if you need a cohort to rip some lips and catch a Vikes (or Twins?:appl:) game. Kudos y saludos! - Dave
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    Baja Surf Fishing Rod Suggestions

    That's a helluva lotta great info there! (Not to mention, what you learned from Stephen. AND what you'll learn if you fish with Wes or Felipe Valdez [HIGHLY recommended!]). Especially on the Pacific side. Between CSL and Todos Santos. You're definitely on the right track.... So whether rods...
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    Pedasi 7/25-7/30

    Sounds like an awesome trip, congrats! I've been there twice (early Feb in '18, and late March this year), and can't wait to get back -- might aim for this time of year in 2020. Pierre and co. run an amazing operation there! Saludos!
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    Baja’s East Cape fishing is at its best!

    Awesome report, hermano! Looks like I missed a ton of action -- I can't wait to get back down! (And congrats to your brothers -- pinche Felipe esta todavia en fuego, jajaja!) Saludos!!
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    Renegade Mike reports on the fishing in Cabo San Lucas

    I'll never forget you making fun of my TranX, and then you got your new little Okumas. And we got heavy into billfish, and we tried to break them. And they held. So dope, so fun. Lesson learned.
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    Renegade Mike reports on the fishing in Cabo San Lucas

    Miguel. Muchas gracias! Missed you, ya fucker, jajaja! Fuck politics. Go fish. And write about it. Share. Please. Because, as shitty as it get's for you? Your insanity keeps us sane. I. We. This site. Needs reports from guys like you. Not only to learn, but to stay informed and...