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    Limits of YFT on the Poseidon 8/17

    Nice report, fun trip. One correction, bait was sardines the size of anchovies.
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    95 YFT on the Tribute 9/21

    I was on that trip, great time. Amazing how good the crew was at helping us land these fish on light line. I got the jackpot fish on 15 lb line thanks to them, ended up tipping them the pot- well deserved. I'll definitely fish the boat again.
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    Boat fiberglass restoration recommendation

    My boat's gel coat has lost its glossy beauty. Can someone recommend a mobile service that will come to my home in Murrieta and give her a good polishing? I have a 23 foot walk around. I tried doing the deed myself years ago and ended up with a bad shoulder tendinitis. I spent half the...
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    Was about Wahoo on kelps (but the thread has been jacked)

    I had a sardine cut clean in half last weekend, looked like a wahoo bite. could have been a shark. did not get a visual on any fish. was not a sea lion, we were 30 miles out Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    6/23 north 9

    Thanks for the report! Next time they die. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Dumb thief? Or just "considerate"?

    There was a woman on this forum last year that flamed a BD boat ho for "stealing" her man's rod. They later found surveillance camera video and it was not the boat ho who ran off with the rod. We all know how to spell assume...
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    Mig welding aluminum tubing

    Well... I ended up buying a tig welder and I'll have to say I'm glad a I did. For a novice like myself it was a lot easier to weld aluminum tubing with tig than with mig- the torch/pedal combination gave me much more control. Here I made a rod holder out of scrap aluminum. In summary, for...
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    9-29 Long Day with Gaf Cam action

    Way to put him on fish. Good looking boat!
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    oside bait 9/26?

    I just re-read your post. I would think twice before launching out of o'side tomorrow. it's Oceanside harbor days. trailer lot is closed for the weekend, this morning launch ramp was closed 4am to 11am. I don't know about tomorrow.
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    oside bait 9/26?

    This morning a mix of 5-6" sardines and pinhead chovies. limit of 1/2 scoop
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    Open water Dorado saves skunk 9-14

    Love your videos, thank you for posting.
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    No luck on the predator- labor day

    Thank you for sharing, you'll get'em next time.
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    9/6 20 miles of ocean side

    Go get'em! let us know how you do.
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    Mexican Permits

    this is the latest website for it (it's actually user friendly now): if a pop-up blocker blocks the pdf or something happens to where you can't print it make sure you email them. this year they emailed it to me in a couple hours just before midnight. he...
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    Oceanside bait this Saturday

    do you have to unhitch trailer for it to fit in a spot if it's a double axle?