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    Avet Mxj single speed new

    Reformed tackle ho here. Free bump for an outstanding deal.
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    Accurate conversion penn 4/0

    Also has spool bearings, upgrade over factory bushings.
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    Penn Peerless No. 9 Brand New- $45

    Free bump for a classic. Great reel for light bottom fishing.
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    AVET JX 6.0 SILVER $215.00 NIB

    Recovering tackle ho gives a free bump to what looks like a good deal.
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    Bump for nice gear. (I'm on the wagon.)
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    Avet sx 6/4 2 speed (Neptune’s heart)

    You're right, that color is only G2. In fact, it is only Avet. So, by your logic, the title does not need to specify "Avet."
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    Recovering tackle ho says this looks like a great deal.
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    Avet sx 6/4 2 speed (Neptune’s heart)

    You might want to mention in the title that the reel is a G2.
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    Release (Seigler) SG Reel

    Great reel, but as a recovering tackle ho I will just point out that the lifetime warranty on this reel will follow the reel to a new owner. GLWS.
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    Rainy Day reel cleanout

    Still dreaming :->. (Free bump)
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    Silver Avet MXJ single speed

    Free bump for a great, basic Avet for inshore (can't go wrong with an MXJ or an SX) at a great price. It's the right color, too; hides scratches well. And it's spooled with a smart choice of line. If I didn't already have one, I would be all over this like a cheap suit.
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    Seigler SG reel

    Free bump pointing out that the lifetime warranty on this reel mean lifetime, and will go with the reel to the new buyer. Nice deal, but I am on the wagon.
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    Lots of inexpensive older reels in great shape.

    A 200 is a SurfMaster (free bump).
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    MXL knob

    The rivet that goes through the arm has to be drilled out. Use a drill press and a self-centering bit.
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    Penn Fathom 25NLD2 vs Avet MX Raptor??

    Both are great reels. Both fall short of perfection, because that's the world. I will admit to liking Avets in part because they are great eye candy.