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    NOMAD TACKLE/SEAGUAR 9 day on the Red Rooster .. Nov, 3 - 12 Roll Call

    Going to be fun!!!! Fishing down south has turned for the better and hopefully we get a shot at the stones!!!
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    Question on Wahoo Bomb colors

    Orange and Black is my color combo of choice.
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    Oct 10-18 RR3 trip:Need help!

    I’d hope for mid 70’s water temps, water so blue it’s almost purple and no sharks. I’ll keep ya posted, I’ll be there.
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    Shogun - Police

    Peoples lives are at risk and people want to speculate, I would say this is sad for this site, but at this point, it’s the norm.
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    Shogun - Police

    Whoever made this thread is exactly what’s wrong with social media these days. Wanting to be the first reporter of said news to be the cool guy, needless to say, all the info was incorrect. Mods, please delete this thread or change the name NOW!!!! It could harm future business with fake news...
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    Shogun - Police

    I can assure you NO ONE ON the RR3 was involved with any of this.
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    Shogun - Police

    Change the title to this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Anybody know if anybody who's gone on a LR trip got infected by Covid while on a trip?

    If someone became positive and ended up in the ICU due to Sport Fishing, no matter what length of trip, the fleet would have been closed, period. With all the “supposed” tracking that’s going on, positive cases would have been tracked down to “point zero” and the Operation would be closed. None...
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    No, No, No and No to the Tranx, save that for your calico bass fishing. I’ve seen more people get tooled fishing Tranx reels on Wahoo than prob any other reel.
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    Long Range testing

    I’d check with the boat to see if bedding is required. Many of the long range boats it’s not required as they are laundered in between trips.
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    My world...

    Fleet has been open for almost 2 months now and still no outbreaks. Kudos to the Fleet and their extra precautions for keeping anglers safe.
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    Proper tipping

    Growing too quickly, thanks for asking. Yes, I’m sure she will start walking on my next stretch of trips. :(
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    Proper tipping

    Some people actually do tip the office personnel.
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    Proper tipping

    15-20% of your ticket price.