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    Super dumb ridiculous question, why bring light gear on a sportboat instead of just using lighter top shots on heavy gear?

    It isn't much fun or sport fighting a 15lb yellowtail on a 60lb or 80lb rod and a big heavy reel. Much more fun with a light rod and small reel. Also sometimes the fish are line shy and won't bite straight mono or heavy spectra with a fluro leader. Your bait swims better and you get more...
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    Daughters 1st Car

    Granddaughter #2 just got her first car yesterday. She decided on a 2014 Toyota Tacoma. Grandpa put up the money and I almost fainted when she told me the cost. She is going to pay for it at $150 a month. It should only take about 10 years.
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    Long Range 30# Rig

    There is no one best reel. If you ask ten different people you will get ten different answers. The last trip that I went on a couple of weeks ago I brought a Talica 10, an Avet MXJ 2 speed and a Fathom 15 two speed all loaded with 50lb spectra. I planned to use them for 30lb but there were a...
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    Daughters 1st Car

    I bought my granddaughter a Subaru Crosstrek. They have all kinds of safety features. It will stop itself if it is going to hit the car in front of you. It automatically stays in its own lane, it has warning lights to alert you when a car is next to you in your blind spot and it has a camera...
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    Long Beach Swap Meet 7/23

    If you have big feet I'm bringing a pair of size 13 ExtraTuffs. They look brand new and are the last of the made in the USA boots. I also have a ton of big hammer swim baits and a whole milk crate full of sinker molds not to mention about 30 or 40 nice rods including Seekers, Calstars, Sabres...
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    Avet Avet JX 6/3 Raptor

    I use mine all the time at Guadalupe for 40lb and 50lb bait outfits. It is filled with 65lb JB solid and I fish 40lb and 50lb fluro leaders. The reel casts just fine and handles 100lb tuna with no problem. If the fish are smaller than 100lbs I use my MXL raptor. If they are running big like...
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    I'm not familiar with the XR7. I have a LM7 that I am going to take to the LB swapmeet on Saturday. Is that similar to the XR7?
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    1969 Ford F250

    When I saw that first picture I was pretty sure I recognized the street. I grew up a block away at Mills and Flomar and I have driven by the location a thousand times. I had a 1970 Ford PU and I wish I had never sold it.
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    Offshore Constitution 2.5 day 6/30 – 7/3 another veiw

    The nerve of the tackle shop not giving you a refund for hooks and sinkers. You should be able to fly to California with no tackle then buy hundreds of dollars worth of hooks, sinkers and jigs to take on a fishing trip then simply return everything that you didn't use for a full refund. The...
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    Member for less than a week, only has 3 posts and all are in the classifieds. Big red flag. Even if the seller is a member you recognize it could be a hacked account. If it is not a face to face transaction you really have to be careful.
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    WTB: 1980-1990's Sabre Rod 7ft.+ (any)

    I have a garage full of them. How many do you want?
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    Seeker BS 6470 gold braced guides

    The gold guides were a big problem on the 6470's and 6470H's. No matter how hard you tried to wash off the salt water they would still corrode. They only used them for a year or two. I have Sabre and Calstar rods with the regular chrome perfection guides that are 40 years old and they are...
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    WTB - Trolling Rod

    I have a garage full of them. I sent you a PM.
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    Any advise for Hernia surgery

    I was black and blue for a month. Recovery took a lot longer than I thought it would. I thought I would be back to normal in a few weeks. In reality it took months before I was back to doing normal things and even then you have to be really careful or you can mess things up again. Hopefully...
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    Need help identifying a Truline rod

    The rod looks like it was wrapped by Yo's. The yellow, black and red bands in the butt wrap are very distinctive of the wraps Yo's did back in the 70's and 80's. I'm surprised there isn't writing on the rod that says "Yo's Custom Rods" and a model number. It could have been an 8' rod and...