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    Question on hollow spectra insertion.

    I always use my smallest loop needle to open up the spectra first. The flouro or mono will go right in as long as the end doesn't have any sharp edges to catch the fibers. Loop and latch needles are the only two I've used in the last 5 years. Before I started opening the spectra with the loop...
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    Rod for makaira 20 sea silver

    silver mak 20- viper 76 gunmetal mak 20 wahoodad 3x gunmetal mak 20 axis 720 x3h gold mak 20 SS 2x4
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    Double Wall Wind-0n leader, Advantage?

    How long were you on that fish. The more circles it does the more line twist you get. That tightens the spectra. Causing the loop to flouro section to get shorter. This sometimes makes the flouro pop out of the spectra . When you try to wind it through the first guide POP. There goes your fish.
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    If you picked one but reel what would it be

    80-130# line class - Mak 20Sea 80-130# class BFT - HX raptor
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    Reel servicing/repairs

    Try Rocky's reel service. He is close to you and less lead time then Savons. Give him a call see what he can do for you. I'll PM you his number
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    Wind on’s

    I started off making 3 25' served windons from one 25yd package of flouro. Now I cut it into 4 sections almost 18' each. Windons are quick and easy to change out. I've made these from 80 to 200#. Personally I have never had a failure on one of mine that i have made for myself or anyone else...
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    SKB 7200 custom

    I picked up a used 7200 skb. The previous owner had put bigger rubber bumpers on the bottom. Then put a piece of cork, possibly wine bottle cork in the hole to keep it from squishing down. This was enough to allow the door to open all the way when in the rack with about a 1in lip
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    Heavy Flouro, Big Bait - rigging

    Have your skippy rig ready at all times day or night. Keep it in the closest rod holder to the stern you can get. Either catch your own or be ready when someone yells out "any one want a skippy". Mak 50. SS 3x5, 200spectra, 25ft leader of 170 or 200# premier flouro crimped to an 11/0 -13/0 7691...
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    Kite fishing for bluefin

    7 day they should be making flyers at the island at night. I was on a recent 4day trip that didn't charge. They would make flyers at night and use the live till they ran out then switch to the their frozen. I could understand an overnight boat charging to use flyers since they dont get the...
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    Changing wind on leader

    I only do one loop through when doing loop2loop. I see some go two or three times. Never seen one of mine fail only going through once. Much easier to separate one loop then multiples.
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    De-gilling BFT

    Its where the intestines attach to the anus. You cut that so you can pull out all the insides at once
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    Marking rods?

    I put a blue zip tie right where the foregrip ends and the rod blank begins. Never had any problem with this. Some have been on the rods for over 10 years and never moved. When I played paintball we would always lose paintball pods so I marked them with diff color tape green, white, red...
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    Skin splitting on my finger after saltwater fishing

    Start putting the O'keeffe or some other dry skin lotion on your hands the week before your trip.
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    Finally got a chance to use/test my Makaira 20 SEa

    15T for 50/60 16 for 60/80/100 Holding this 16 all day isn't that bad. After holding 20s or 50s all day you'll wish it was a 16. Youll probably be chasing fish so you wont have to actually hold it all day anyways.
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    Nice mod. I moved the lower strap catch bolt back about 1/2-3/4 inch. This allowed the lid to rest back a little further back so everything doesn’t fall forward. You can also order another strap from skb for dual lid support.