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    Well done BD

    If you buy or sell from someone and have a good experience. Put a positive message in their feedback section.
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    What rod would you recommend for a PENN VISXS 50?

    SS 3x5 if you plan on fishing 150# leader or heavier. 76 viper for 130# leader Give us an idea on what you plan on using the rod for and how you are going to spool the reel up
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    Makaira SEA 20 or 30???

    Go with the 20. If you need that much line step up to a 50
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    The bite or the fight?

    Its the fight. You got the phone number now lets see If you can close the deal. How many times have you seen someone taking too long and you just want to show them how its done.
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    Reel Clamp Like This One

    Have you tried calling Okuma? Where are you located?
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    Man Up or spend money, what would you do?

    Put the HXW raptor on that 3x and fish it with 100#. Heavy framed wide reels are always going to be heavier. Other then the HXW I'm not a fan of wide reels. If it was me I'd take the spectra off one of the 30SWs sell it put that towards a mak or penn 20. Get yourself or make a reel strap that...
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    New to Tuna/Big Fish: Want advice on rod/reel

    For now I would stay away from the 9 footers. If you do hook into something a little bigger you'll have a much better chance of landing it with a 7'- 8' rod. Shop around and you may be able to get two setups for your budget. Maybe just a little bit more. fathom 25 and 40nld a couple of okuma pch...
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    Sato line winder with mono

    I use a drill that has a adjustable locking feature on the trigger. This prevents you from being able to run the drill at max speed. It’s a 1/2” low speed high torque drill also
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    Is this a thing? (photo)

    That line of rods is called PCH custom rods Those red bands are most likely mylar tape put on by owner to easily identify their rods in the rack
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    Avet LX 2 speed for Bluefin

    For a 50# outfit you should be fine. I prefer to go up in size like the HX rather then go wide. listen to the captain if he says bigger fish are around use a heavier setup. You'll have the same results with just about any dedicated 50# setups if you hook into something bigger
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    Help me round my quiver SD YT & BFT

    Max I would fish on the fathom 40ldn is 60#, the 60ldn is just a wider version. If you want to fish 80/100 go with at least a 16size reel. Torque40ldn/HXW/HX raptor if you want a lighter framed reel. Reel weight is all relative to what you get used to. Fish with a 50 all day and the 20 will feel...
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    80# Rod Suggestions

    Good luck with that. There are better reels for fishing 80# effectively. You want to put the odds in your favor. There is a good reason a lot of the posters are stating they use a heavy 16 size reel with the rods they are suggesting
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    80# Rod Suggestions

    I don't know if I'd use 80# leader on the cavalla 12. I don't have any experience with the cavalla but I wouldnt fish 80 on my andros 12. 50# maybe pushing it to 60#. You want to have at least 25# of drag at strike and be able to handle a few good runs without frying your drags. The Phenix Axis...
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    Which crimp is better?

    You're in NY. Take a trip over to Trophy Tackle. Bring your crimpers and leader I'm sure you can purchase the correct crimps you would need there. Who knows they might even give you some pointers on how to properly crimp
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    Avet HX 5/2 Raptor/flatfall vs 100#+ Bluefin tuna

    Ideally you would want something a little heavier for the bigger BFT but The HXraptor will handle medium size BFT with no problem. Your only concern would be line capacity if you have to drop deep in heavy current. You will want to pair it to a good 80# rod or 100# rod with enough lift.