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  • Hey Michelle, This is me pinching myself, just checking to make sure the email I got concerning the Okuma contest was for reel :) I was an inch away from putting it in the junk file, then I saw it was from BD so I re-read it, then I re-read it again, still sceptical you understand, mostly because I didn't know you! Anyway, did I really win? And if I did, did you get my email reply?

    Hi...Could you please move my recent post in the California Inshore fishing report section to the Offshore So Cal section? Thanks!
    Hi Michelle,

    Can you delete a post for me. It is in Washington State Under Classified. It is a 23 Wooldridge Boat that I have listed. I have decided to keep the boat but cannot figure out how to delete the posting. Regards, Mike
    So Sorry Michelle to bother you, Mike Seneca is a Angler like us.......I looked at the memo and it said Michael J. Seneca......I thought he was a local politician. My bad , disregard my last mssg.
    Hello Michelle, I was just curious who the letter sent to Michael J. Seneca from you. If I may ask who is Mr. Seneca.
    Thanx Eric
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