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    For Sale 8’ Old Chocolate Kennedy Fisher?

    Kennedy fisher ? I own several and I think it`s safe to say NOT
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    Kill bag VS. cooler

    I quit buying the plastic coolers years ago for that reason , broken hinges and latches , I bought a few yetis over the years and thats that no more junk , the probkem is the cost but you only need a couple and you`re done , I have a 250 quart yeti on my back deck to bleed out the fish on ice...
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    For Sale 1999 Chevy Suburban K1500 LT 4x4

    Good luck getting answer from the seller , he never returned any of mine
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    For Sale 2017 Boston Whaler 250 Outrage

    Beautiful boat Abel , nice picture of Edgar backing it off the trailer GLWTS
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    Coronados scouting trip 7/5 solo

    I fished south island Friday for halibut in 35 to 53 feet for nothing except some calicos and a couple of yellows one which went 23 pounds , I then went below the ridge and picked up a nice halibut in 113 feet , for some readon they arr still laying in the deeper water , going back out Wednesday...
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    SOLD jkhkjh

    Great boat , !!!!!
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    Erendira 8/15/2019

    Fullspeed white seabass fishing 6 mikes south of the boat ramp , squid beds are active , lots of yellows as well , no problem getting therr and the new road up the grade past santo Tomas is 90 percent complete
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    Erendira 8/15/2019

    Out standing calico bass fishing , regular and bull kelp
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    Gruesome Newsom at it again...

    No reason what so ever to shut down the private boaters , this is NOT the problem , peopke cram in bars, crowds protesting in the streets with no protection , a lot of people in san Diego are taking the precautions necessary to avoid the spread , I hope they don`t shut everything down again...
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    Erendira 8/15/2019

    I just got back sunday , I fished with my son in law Edgar Castro for 3 days and fishing was epic , the ocean was beautiful and wr found tbe squid beds , we made 40 to 50 pieces every morning and launched the boat at 4:30 am every morning , fun times
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    Which one of you kooks is this?

    I don`t know about being out that far in a tin boat , we can`t predict mother nature nor can we depend on the weather forcast , In my younger years I used to say if you can see it you can swim to it , I don`t think it`s having big Balls I think it`s a couple of beers short of a six pack
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    For Sale 1999 Chevy Suburban K1500 LT 4x4

    I`ll give you 3000 dollars cash Mike Bingham 858 776 9966
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    SOLD TruLine HD8 green glass

    I live in Bay Park San Diego i`ll give you 1200 cash , 858 776 9966 mike Bingham