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    Gaffing stingrays to be released

    Plain Stupidly for sure , apparently they are afraid to get too close to the ray nothing Suprises me anymore
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    Someone had a bad day

    Looks like the American flag survived thou
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    Freedumb Boat Club

    Its called the freedom boat club which means do whatever the hell you want
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    Freedumb Boat Club

    Just pkkay dumb
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    Which is better for fishing prospects, patties full of bait or empty?

    First you have to find the paddie , second you have to hope their is fish on it willing to bite, bait or no bait dosen`t really matter , the fun is finding the right one holding fish that want to play
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    Fishing butts

    I got mine one week before the price went up, the guys I fish with don`t own bkats so if they don't want to pony up and buy one then they can sit on the beach , I have to say they are awesome about pay their fair share , iv`e been fishing with these same guys for over 40 years and im lucky to...
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    Islands Anacapa Seabass

    It`s the best thing in the world fishing with dad, I miss my fishing buddy big time , it`s been over 10 years since my dad passed and I still talk to him while im fishing , you`ll have memories for life putting you`re dad on that fish , GREAT JOB
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    Bottom Paint chipping off after 1 month

    No way should it be coming off already , it could also be bad paint but im thinking lack of prep has a lot to do with it
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    Looking for a panga

    Rodriguez panga in Ensenada , I just had my second one built and it`s in San Diego now getting a new motor and electronics installed and then im taking it to my house in LA bay
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    BOLA Diesel?

    The first pemex on the right coming into town has diesel , farther down the station on the left does not and there is only 2 stations
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    Need a flying fish hook up

    Dana landing Just got in 500 , for a pack of 3 they cost 102 dollars . With you`re captains discount it`s about 90 dollars or so , these are grade A flyers ,Good luck
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    Preparing and running the mind game....BFT

    You`ll be fine , part of the fun is over thinking it , when it`s game time ypu`ll be in it , the only thing I would have done was save the cigar for the victory ride in ,Goiid Luck
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    Bay / Harbor Does San Diego bait barge have sardines

    Bait is tough right now , 2 of the boats are down getting worked on , sportboats are getting the bigger share of the sardines due to their contract with buck , hopefully things will get back to normal soon
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    Preventing theft on party boat

    Break down your gear and sleep with it , or throw the guy overboard at night , i like option 2 better
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    Spinners the new norm for tuna?

    Not the least bit interested