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    Best surf fishing near San Felipe?

    Wherever you fish from shore try the spoons Crocadiles especially. The larger models 2.5 to 4 inches long the more sparkle the better. I've been killing the flounder off the rocks in Puerto Penasco. If you can find an area with structure and sandy spots you should find linguada. Spoons also work...
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    Loreto April 29th - may 3rd

    Confirm all of the above. Best time of the year to me because it hasn't got crazy hot yet. Monster yellow tail or cabrilla maybe big roosters. If water warms early possibly Dodo's just showing up. I have a place there and have fished there over 15 years. Buena suerte amigo !
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    Bahia De Los Angeles Last Minute Trip***

    I hear 5 is paved all the way back to Highway 1. Last time I went that way it was still under construction. Have you driven it lately? Just curious we are planning to go that way also end of next week but fishing Abreojos . Thanks
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    Mag Bay- Lopez Mateos or San Carlos

    Bob we are working our way down to you hopefully this time we don't get off track. Leaving end of this month. Retired now so I have all the time in the world. Fishing Punta Abreojos first, then short stop in Loreto then on to Lopez. Say hi to Diane. Buena suerte
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    Mag Bay- Lopez Mateos or San Carlos

    That's one hell of a Snook !!!! Just sayin. We are planning a trip down through there now, hoping to be there by end of the month. Hope Ruben is available. Thanks for great post and pics.
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    Offshore Good Bait lost Captain Tomahawk

    I guess we all have bad days hope Joe can turn it around, wish you all the luck it's a rough and tumble business at best.
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    Offshore Good Bait lost Captain Tomahawk

    Sorry topping it off by giving it up at 3 pm who does that?
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    Offshore Good Bait lost Captain Tomahawk

    Dan I'm really very aware its a big ocean, but when one area doesn't pan out you move. My complaint was staying in the same area all day and then topping it off. Having balls to confront someone is not a problem for me, in this case it was a waste of energy.
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    Offshore Good Bait lost Captain Tomahawk

    Hate to rag on a boat but when its this bad you gotta say something. Boarded 1.5 on time 8 pm. Wed. Trip sold as 22 passengers but ended up 25 fisherman and large crew. Good load of dines we followed the Condor. Have fished that boat with great crew and Captain when they relaunched the boat...
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    Offshore SA80 2.5 July 12-15, 2019

    Congrats great read. Second your raves about boat and crew Captain Mike and his crew are as good as they get. Great for you bro.
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    Rubber Band-Torpedo Sinker Rig

    Exactly right. I finally got my chance and went 3 for 3 because I went light on the weight, had good bait , and let the line down by hand lining it out till I got to the bite zone. Also stopped along the way until I found the zone. Then when you're bit you know it as line is haulin ass with...
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    Recommendations for SQ, LA bay, Loreto, Cedros, East Cape, or even Cabo

    Agree with La Mission and Loreto , but catching fish Cabo cant be beat in my opinion. Dont care for party scene and tourist trap stuff in Cabo? You might try La Paz use Tail Hunters to help set you up. They have a good name and have been down there a long time. Have a good Baja trip!
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    Offshore First trip for the mustang

    I'm jealous but happy for you! Thanks for the update, sets my resolve to pick a trip this week. Great news that school stuck and ate, been looking for a hungry school for a while.