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    Big Bay 1-21-21

    3/8 solid braid (not poly) with O-ring and spacers has never slipped for me. I routinely pull from 100 ft. Maybe you just have more weight (bugs/crabs) in each hoop than I do! :D
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    Solo bug mission, pure bliss!

    Nice job. Love the old time Dog Town books! I grew up in that era skating pool, parks and pipes! All you're missing is a copy of Skateboarder mag, open to the "Who's Hot!" section.....
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    long walk on a short pier

    Where the hell is Seal Beach? :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    Lobster Run Catalina 1-18-2021

    This. 👆👆👆 Also, no commercial lobster boats allowed on the frontside of Catalina. Recreational only. However I do see some suspicious unmarked floats from time to time. :cool:
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    Absolute Best Lure For Trout - What's Your Favorite?

    Fire Tiger rapala trolled in the rain! Disclaimer: Take it with a grain of salt, I've never caught a brown trout in my life. Stocked quite a few, tho! :D My freshwater friends swear by this method!
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    If you have a minute to waste D P 01.17.21

    Hey, at least you didn't call him "Kinison" :D This thread is a perfect example of how to take an average day and turn it into an entertaining post by adding a little T & A and a bit of humor! Well played, sir!
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    Sun 1/17 on the IB Pipe

    Nice sled you have there. "Never eat gas station sushi..." -- Confucius :D
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    Nados 1/17/21

    Them's the fixin's for a right-smart fish fry you got there! Beer batter, guacamole, mango salsa and your favorite beverage! Yum!
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    If you have a minute to waste D P 01.17.21

    If you have a 115, that is the same as my OB. With all the hours on mine, it will push me to 30 knots on glass, unloaded. I would expect that yours would be about the same. You start adding in full 30 gallon bait tank, lobster/fishing/camping gear and it slows down a bit. Max HP - for my boat...
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    Inside LA Harbor and the Catch of a Lifetime

    That is just great! Was my son ever that small? I think he was born 6'0 - 240 :D
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    Got the skunk off the boat (somewhat)

    Hopefully, it's the rolling pebble that starts an avalanche o' bugs for you! Congrats!
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    Long Beach Local - 1/17/21

    Those sandies are going to start recognizing the sound of your engine and skip town for a few days. :D Nice catch!
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    Catalina 1-16-21

    People can bash all they want. Trophy boats have been much better than their earlier models for years now. I really enjoy it when "fishermen" in 60 foot sportfishers watch us land big fish while they're getting skunked. 🤣
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    Catalina 1-16-21

    Great job and best of luck with your new sled!
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    SD Bay On Saturday...

    The bay, girlfriend and 3 bass sounds like a romantic date in SD! Nice! :D