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    Bait report, Del Mar & Torrey Pines

    Have you guys seen any SC in Oceanside ?
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    Yikes! Hungry sea lion drags fisherman overboard

    Fox News just in case you guys didn't catch this..... SAN DIEGO — A man posing for a picture Sunday while holding his “trophy fish” was attacked by a sea lion which hauled him over the side of a boat into the water, San Diego Fire-Rescue official said. The 62-year-old victim, who was not...
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    Quick Evening Surf Fishing Session

    Where was this?
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    What Oceanside beach holds GS?

    Good eye plj46. o_O:appl:
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    What Oceanside beach holds GS?

    Thanks Raul I will try ! Any specific spots?
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    What Oceanside beach holds GS?

    Yes Ghost Shrimp
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    What Oceanside beach holds GS?

    Any suggestions on locations ? I'm working on making a GS Sucker
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    Victory and a heartbreak in the LBC on 5/20 afternoon session...

    Great report! What were you using ?
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    5-13-14 north county

    any more reports from the surf here in oceanside? Do you guys know if there are sand crabs in the harbor south side of jetty ?
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    Carolina rig

    Did you mean 1/2 oz weight
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    Carolina rig

    What is the glass bead I think I seen red ones on pre-made halibut rigs What color should they be for surf fishing in would like to target the typical species that are found in the Oceanside surf
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    Carolina rig

    Can any of you experts explain to this novice how to make a Carolina rig for surf fishing here in Oceanside? May be a pic ? I am tired of getting skunked at the Oceanside bait receiver and I want to try the surf
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    4 fishing spots open for Oceanside

    You still have spots