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    SOLD Super Seeker 40-60 # Price drop

    It's a nice looking rod.
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    Want to buy: Big Pancho and LK

    Sure! He is on Facebook in the group Plastics only.
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    For Sale New Blk Avet JX Raptor

    I'll pm you and post it here. I was wrong. I was a hypocrite. You assisted the BD community if not the seller. I'm not the BD police. I apologize.
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    For Sale New Blk Avet JX Raptor

    If you want to help him send him a direct message. Posting and making your differences public is petty.
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    Red Tide Longevity

    I have swam in it. The water is murky but all in all no problems.
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    Daiwa Lexa WN300 Setup

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    Southern Cali Yellowtail gear

    What do you already have?
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    First 8 dayer in June

    I like the Lexa 400 for rock cod and perhaps it would work for school sized fish. However, the low line capacity would concern me if I hooked a larger fish.
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    Looking to getting back

    There are no deals right now. However, this is a great time to research options.
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    How often should I change top shot and backing

    I'll change top shots during a trip. If I am in a lot of tangles,snagging the bottom or fighting fish I may change the topshot between boat stops. My topshots for pelagics are typically no longer than a boat length if that long. For rockcod my topshots are 7 feet or less. As I tie new knots I...
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    How many of you cancelling LR trips?

    I expect with Fishmas and the ski season I expect we will get some traffic.
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    WTB PP Maxcuatro

    I'm interested in the Maxcuatro if the OP is not.How much do you want for it?
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    WTB Kroc lures

    That Ebay deal is not bad at all.