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    San Diego Tackle Traders Got Hit Again.

    What is the 1 cunt carrying around, it looks to be about 4'-5' and white in color? Seems like he grabbed it and liked it so much he carried it around.
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    Overnighter and fish processing?

    Their is no "while you wait" option for overnight boats. On a side note, I'd leave it all. The way they process allows for sushi quality fish, no need to take 1 or 2 home.
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    Seaman’s Manslaughter

    Hey Tom. I do not see where you mentioned seeing an escape hatch. I'm honestly not sure if its required since you stated both stairwells led directly outside, not directly into the interior(galley/salon)of the boat. I don't know the regulations. Im curious if all boats require an escape hatch or...
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    Youth Rod/Fighting Belt near Escondido/San Marcos?

    I'd lend you one if I had one. I saw the other post saying you'll be on the grande with 50 close friends Haha. I've often seen one laying around where the crew keeps their rods/reels, pretty sure they'd lend it to an upcoming tuna killing kid, if you asked them. Worth a shot. Good luck tomorrow!!
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    Bluefin processing

    Thanks for replies guys. I did the bin in the past but its been a few years and I heard it was no longer an option.
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    Bluefin processing

    You mean differently than the boat?
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    Bluefin processing

    Thanks for the reply. They aren't open at that time otherwise i would. From July through October they're open from 7-10pm. Otherwise its 10am-2pm hours in June. According to their website.
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    Bluefin processing

    If lucky enough to catch one of these bigger model bluefin #80-#100, on specifically a 3/4 day or overnight trip and want to have it professionally processed what should you do? To be more clear, this is for short trips(3/4day) where you end up lucky and boat a #100 fish and get back to your...
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    Turkey day trip ideas

    Thanks for the reply Doug. That's sound advice. He's the reason I fish, and yet we've never shared a rail in the ocean. So That day, no matter, will be phenomenal, and if we actually catch fish that'll be the icing on the cake.
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    Turkey day trip ideas

    Although he's in great shape for 74, I couldnt do that to my old man! But that would be the ultimate, him hooking a yellow on a yak! I'm guessing he's never even been in a kayak lol.
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    Turkey day trip ideas

    Thanks for the feedback guys!