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    5/26 bluefin

    We heard your calls and against my better judgement we headed you way. us and our buddy boat hooked up right there. You guys are a class act. Thank you
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    Beach marine bait receiver

    Anybody have any real world experience with the Beach marine products bait receiver in San Diego? Anybody had one get crushed by seals?
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    SOLD Trindad 16A

    You interested in selling it?
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    Looking for these.

    Anybody know what these fittings are or where to find them. This is the plastic piece. There is a metal stud that fits into it. This is on a bait tank top it holds the top to the tank. I am having a hell of a time finding these. see the pics.
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    Perfect weekend in Gonzaga

    We leave tomorrow for Gonzaga. Any info on road conditions would be much appreciated.
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    SOLD Lewmar Profish (lowered price)

    Amazon prime. Delivered for free. With returns 706$ Think you are over priced. If prices appropriately will sell quickly. Good luck.
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    SOLD Lewmar Profish (lowered price)

    Would that be the 700 model or the 1000? Makes a diffence
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    White flesh lobster meat. Not cooked yet

    I had one from catalina look just like that once. I ate it. Tasted fine and I’m still Kicking.
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    Big Eye near the 302

    Good Job Frank!! Keep the Legend Alive!!
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    For Sale 33ft Walk Around Yamaha F-350s. Major price reduction!!

    Depends how you run it. I’d say safe 250 miles at cruise speed. 28-30knots. Obviously more if you mix in trolling