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    2006 TWIN VEE EXPRESS 26'

    I would like to take a look at the boat sometime...
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    looking for people to fish

    ok Lee the SofiaRose will be noted down, our boat is the LilBreezy what fish are you going to be targeting
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    looking for people to fish

    Its frustrating having a nice boat to go on but not knowing enough people that actually know how to fish. Im looking to possibly meet some nice people who are hardcore fishermen like myself that are willing to split costs of fuel, bait etc on my boat or possibly even jump on someone elses boat...
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    Offshore 9-30-15 Oside Polecat

    I would suggest heading out further than the 5 mile mark, get some general coordinates for the 209 and look for kelp paddies on the way out. There are a ton of small yellowtail under the kelps in the area. I was just out a couple days ago and we managed to get 5 yellowfin on one of the paddies...
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    Offshore thursday dodos 9/24

    Still a nice fish though!!
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    Offshore thursday dodos 9/24

    Definietly not 29 lbs sorry to say, caught a couple larger bulls this year and they went 19 and 21 lbs. Need to get a spring loaded scale not the digital ones. They look alot larger than they actually weigh
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    Offshore Poppers....Poppers.....Poppers....Are a Must Have...!!!

    what size poppers were you using if you dont mind???
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    Offshore In Memory Of My Brother

    Sorry to hear about your brother, raising a glass for him at my lunch break!!!
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    Offshore Limits Yellowfin Tuna Released (video)

    Great video! Where were you guys fishing?
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    Offshore 209 Stripped Marlin, YFT and YT

    this picture has to be fake...I mean come on any camera in the last decade or even 2 decades takes better photos not to mention the attire the guy has on....i call BS post a more realistic photo and I will believe you haha
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    Offshore Local Marlin.

    Definitely not a 200 pounder... We caught one 2 weeks ago on a trolled pretty fun got it to the boat and a successful release and we didn't gaff it lol still awesome.