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    BOLA 5/15-5/19

    Headed down this Saturday; fishing 3 days with Ivan! So excited can’t wait to get to town! Anyone gonna be around town those dates. I’ll be making smash burgers Saturday night 5/15
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    Bahia De LA July 10-13

    Headed down Sunday the 28 fishing 3 days with Igor. Have power bills and mortgages for our buddy’s house In BoLA. Thinking about taking the pacific side down and crossing in El Rosario to dodge most of the heat.... from what I’ve been told by our captains and friends that live in SQ we should be...
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    1 spot available for BOLA June 13-17

    Headed down June 28, fishing 29,30,&1 with Igor; was planning on stopping in SQ on the way down to eat tacos with the boys, never been passed SQ by car. Bringing tons of ice and irons!
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    Hey Jamie, You guys got any calstar 6480 factory wrap in the tan with the cork handle?

    Hey Jamie, You guys got any calstar 6480 factory wrap in the tan with the cork handle?
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    Fishing in May

    Road Trippin’ from San Diego to Gonzaga and back in early to mid May.... We plan on camping more than not, any info on lakes or rivers to camp on to increase my chance of catching dinner? I don’t know how to flyfish but I plan on bringing a small spinning set up and throwing jigs! What jigs...
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    Shimano Trinidad 16 TN16a

    Selling my like new used twice TN16A. Filled with 420+ yards of 65# Mex Cuatro in Hi-Vis yellow. Has box, clamp, and accessories/tools. $400 Shipped. Located in North County
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    Trinidad 20.

    Yeah that’s cool I understand, that’s why I offered the 16! The 20 is too big for iron, you don’t need the extra line, the weight, or the extra size for all day slinging. Let me know when you get the 20 and sling the iron all day and then come back on here looking for the 16! Cheers...
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    Trinidad 20.

    I’ve got a TN16a used twice almost brand new looks incredible. Filled with about 400 yards of 65# max cuatro. Box, Reel Clamp, everything that comes from Shimano comes with it!
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    La Jolla 5-23-18

    The more blood on the deck the better they taste!
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    Catalina, Front?

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    Let’s go kill fish!!!

    Let’s go kill fish!!!
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    Slow Pitch Jigs for Albacore: Ideas?

    All the pitchers for my beloved San Diego Padres are slow pitchers!
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    My new prized possession from Fred Hall show

    Now that’s some “Local Knowledge”
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    Or Trade Black’d Out Calstar 270-8H

    Hell, this would be a fun set up to hook an iron on a dance floor sized paddy and grind it to the boat! :-)